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Kid Tripp has more charm than it has pixels

As someone who grew up in the 8-bit days, I have a weakness for retro-styled platformers regardless of the platform. So, when I saw Kid Tripp, I snapped it up without hesitation. What I found was a game that not only looks like the vintage titles of yesteryear, but it's also just as difficult as t...

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown now available for iOS

The long-awaited XCOM: Enemy Unknown has finally arrived on the App Store for a premium price of US$19.99. This is Firaxis' turn-based strategy hit from last year (in my opinion, one of the best games of 2012), translated to the iOS platform in full. The controls have been tweaked just a bit to ...

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Sword and Sworcery's Nathan Vella on returning to iOS: 'Absolutely'

Nathan Vella is the co-founder of Capybara Games, the company that worked with musician Jim Guthrie and the artist Superbrothers to put together the extremely popular and critically acclaimed Sword and Sworcery EP, originally released on iOS. Capy, as it's sometimes called, is a Toronto-based g...

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Daily iPhone App: Sketch Nation Studio opens up game dev on the App Store

Sketch Nation Studio started out as Sketch Nation Shooter last year, a "game" on the App Store that actually let you make your own shooter game by using scanned-in pictures and a few scripted sets of rules. As creator Nitzan Wilnai told me at GDC earlier this year, he heard from a lot of users ...

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Sketch Nation Studio allows to make your own game, and sell it

I've met with Nitzan Wilnai at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) several times. His Engineous Games has grown over the years. The group recently released Sketch Nation Shooter to great success. It lets you build a shooter title by uploading or drawing your own art. As of this writing, it...

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Zynga announces HTML 5 games, will run on Facebook for iPad

Social game giant Zynga is holding a press conference in San Francisco right now, and the company has announced that it will be releasing a series of new games for Facebook, all built in HTML 5 rather than Flash. That's especially interesting for us iPad users, because it means that those games...

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Objective-C rocketing up the TIOBE charts

The TIOBE index is a chart of what have been rated as the most popular programming languages in the world, according to various searches online, the number of experts in those languages, and even software output (though it is very certainly not a strict chart of "most lines written"). Obviously...

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WWDC Interview: Orbotix

Victor Agreda, Jr. (Editor-in-Chief, The Unofficial Apple Weblog) interviews Brian Smith of Orbotix Inc. at WWDC 2011. You may remember Orbotix from CES. Brian was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward. Orbo...

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DeNA bringing Infinity Blade X to Japan's Mobage platform

DeNA's been on the iOS hunt for about a year now -- I saw them at GDC Online last fall asking developers to create games for their Mobage mobile platform in Japan, and then they outright purchased popular iOS developer ngmoco not long after that. Now they've put together plans to bring another ...

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Ad network revenue shows iOS and Android are almost tied

A monthly report from Mobile ad network Millennial Media paints a familiar picture of the smartphone market. According to impressions data, the iPhone is the top individual phone on the ad network, while the iPad is on the rise with a 29% jump in impressions from last month. Apple was the top m...

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Found Footage: Rage for iOS running in WebGL

The video on the next page shows a pretty mean feat of coding. Developer Brandon Jones has taken files from the iOS version of id's Rage game, which came out for iOS a little while ago, and tweaked them to display in WebGL, a library for JavaScript that can generate 3D graphics in a compatible ...

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Rumor: Steam looking at iOS integration

This is interesting -- according to a Steam user who got to Valve headquarters in Washington, the popular game network may be looking at extending itself out onto the iOS platform. That doesn't necessarily mean that there would be a straight-up Steam client for the iPhone and the iPad (although...

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Distimo finds higher prices, slower growth in the Mac App Store

Distimo has released its latest publication, containing an overview of the various app stores currently running, and the findings about the Mac App Store are quite interesting. While Apple's newest App Store is not quite up to the speed of the mobile platform, it's growing quickly -- the averag...

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Bump study: 90% of iOS users run 4.X

Bump, the folks behind that iPhone app that allows you to quickly and easily exchange contacts, released a set of stats about its users that says almost 90% of iOS device owners are already running some version of iOS 4.0 or above. Bump reportedly has over 25 million downloads, so we are talking ab...

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Band streams concert live via iOS app

A band named Everything, Everything is streaming a concert live today from London, and they're sharing that content on the App Store. NME says that the Manchester band has released a free app for iOS that will not only stream the show live, but will eventually have an archive of the show available,...

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