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Thomas Was Alone needs your company

Thomas Was Alone, the iPad adaptation of the hit PC and console platformer, proves that you don't need flashy graphics to create an emotional attachment between a player and a character. You see, Thomas is nothing more than a small red block, but by the end of the game's epic story you'll probab...

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Assassin's Creed II multiplayer, Rayman 2 out now on the iPhone

Two major league games have hit the App Store already this week, one of them for the surprise price of free. Ubisoft has released the multiplayer version of their Assassin's Creed II game on the App Store, and it's available for free for the first 48 hours. The game's a top-down multiplayer game ...

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Tag Games bringing Rock'n'Roll to the iPhone's accelerometer

The folks over at Touch Arcade are doing a terrific job of keeping up with all the good-looking games on the App Store (and even some not-so-good-looking ones) but for my money, this one falls solidly into the first category. Rock'n'Roll is an accelerometer-based puzzle/platforming game (ported fr...

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