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Terraria digging its way into mobile platforms

Terraria is a Steam title that just recently arrived on consoles, and now publisher 505 Games has announced that it's coming to iOS as well. The game is a 2D variant of the Minecraft-style sandbox genre, where players can hack away at squares of various types, recombining and reusing them to bui...

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'Borderlands Legends' for iOS leaks ahead of release

Borderlands is a popular console shooter title that was recently followed up with a sequel on Xbox 360 and PS3, and it appears Gearbox, the company behind the game, isn't done yet. Plans have leaked out for a game called Borderlands Legends, coming to mobile platforms soon (and specifically iOS...

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Plants vs Zombies 2 coming next year

PopCap has made an announcement that will be music to the ears of flower-planting undead fighters everywhere: Plants vs. Zombies is getting a sequel, due in spring 2013. Unfortunately, no details have been announced yet; PopCap says that the game will have "new features, settings, and situation...

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Apple granted another important mobile device patent for iOS

Patently Apple notes that among 25 Apple patents officially published by the USPTO today, one was a whopper. US patent number 8,223,134, which covers a "Portable electronic device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying electronic lists and documents," includes 30 separate claims i...

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Halfbrick acquires Onan Games, Mandreel cross-platform software

Halfbrick Studios (the makers of popular iOS games like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride) has announced that it has acquired Spain-based studio Onan Games, whose main project is a system called Mandreel that allows developers to send their games cross-platform to places like Android and the Chro...

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Daily iPad App: Paper Monsters

I've found that iOS isn't the best platform (so to speak) for platformers. I love games like Mario and Sonic, where you drive a little character around, jumping between platforms and collecting goodies. The lack of physical buttons on Apple's touch screens (and let's face it: cheaper production va...

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GDC 2011: Tatem Games' Carnivores and RoboSockets

Tatem Games is a mobile games studio out of Ukraine that's been making games since the mid-'90s. They originally started with PC games, CEO Igor Karev told me here at GDC 2011, but lately the company's focus has been on the iPhone and the iPad. "It's about timing," Karev says, "we can make co...

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iPhone app ecosystem bigger than Facebook's app space

Last week at GDC, I joked that I really only heard about two things every day: Facebook and the iPhone. Of course, that's because I was mostly there to cover iPhone gaming (and certainly there were plenty of traditional game developers in the house), but those two platforms are definitely the hottes...

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Telltale Games may be releasing all games for Mac

Telltale Games has been rocking the retro lately, doing great things like bringing Secret of Monkey Island and Sam & Max back in new forms, and releasing new episodic classics like Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. Now they might be doing so on the Mac: rumor has it that they'll be r...

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Warrior Epic MMO releases iPhone tie-in

This is an interesting trend: Warrior Epic, an MMO game by True Games, has announced that they've released an iPhone app [iTunes link] version for free, featuring "a small portion of the strategy, role-playing and battles found in the online MMORPG," kind of like a taster for the actual PC game. The...

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