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How the iPad changed the NFL

The NFL season is sneaking up on American football fans faster than we know it, with all training camps starting up within the next two weeks. There's one thing that will be new to many of the NFL teams this year: iPads.'s Jeff Darlington provided an in-detail look last Friday at how th...

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NFL's Denver Broncos embrace the iPad

The NFL Denver Broncos not only have Peyton Manning, but they're also getting a lot of iPads. A report in the Denver Post today mentioned that the team is in the process of moving the weekly team playbooks from the traditional printed copy to a digital version on the iPad. The team will purch...

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ZDNet: Adobe's no longer developing Flash for mobile devices (Updated)

According to a report from ZDNet, Adobe is no longer working on Flash for mobile devices. A statement released to developers claims Adobe will provide bug fixes and security updates for the current version of mobile Flash for Android and RIM's Playbook, but will halt further development. Adobe wr...

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How the iPad is changing baseball

Baseball is undergoing a digital revolution thanks to the iPad and the iPhone. Sports fans, management and even players are using the iPad to improve America's favorite game. Fans can watch every Major League game on their phone or tablets. Managers can keep track of their rosters and players c...

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers give each player an iPad as a playbook

When is a football playbook not a PlayBook? When it's an iPad! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now equipping all of the players on the team with iPads, and both players and management seem to love the idea. According to the St. Petersburg Times, the Tampa Bay players now just turn on their iPads to ...

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RIM's various hardware, OS options make app development expensive

According to an article on Bloomberg Businessweek today, a growing number of mobile developers are focusing their attention on the iOS and Android platforms and abandoning product development for Research In Motion's BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook tablet. The reason? Too many hardware and sof...

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JPMorgan says iPad competitors slow production

A report from analyst Mark Moskowitz of JPMorgan Chase suggests the iPad is killing sales of competing tablet devices. Companies like Motorola, Samsung and Asus have reportedly cut production of their tablets by as much as 10 percent since March of this year. Demand for tablets such as the Eee ...

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Older iOS devices outselling newer Android devices

The first generation iPad and the iPhone 3GS are currently outselling most newer Android devices, according to a Canaccord Genuity report. The report details the results of retail channel sales checks done at Verizon and AT&T stores. It found Apple's iPhone 4 to be the most popular-selling ...

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BlackBerry PlayBook reviews say that it's not an iPad killer

RIM is aiming to launch its PlayBook tablet on April 19, but reviews of this QNX-powered tablet started to hit the wire last night. The consensus among reviewers suggests the PlayBook will not threaten Apple's dominance in the tablet market. Most reviews point to the lack of available applica...

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Apple's touch panel demand helped delay RIMs PlayBook

RIM announced its PlayBook tablet last year, and eager BlackBerry fans have been waiting months for this QNX-based tablet to debut. According to a rumor from Digitimes, this wait was made even longer thanks to Apple and its stranglehold on the touch panel market. Asian supply chain sources sugg...

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JPMorgan iPad distribution confirmed, says Bloomberg

According to an email obtained by Bloomberg, JPMorgan Chase & Co will be handing out free iPads to all associates in its global investment banking division (that's investment bankers for you and me). In a pilot program to last until May 2011, the bankers will trial the device to see how well ...

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CEOs discuss Apple at Web 2.0 Summit

While the Web 2.0 Summit was under way from Nov. 15 through Nov. 17, there were a few inevitable pot shots at Apple from attending chief executive officers. This isn't really a surprise with the ongoing growth of Apple and Apple's overall value, but it's definitely interesting to see what those CEO...

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BlackBerry PlayBook vs. iPad: The challenger looks fast so far

Over the past two years, RIM has been left in the dust by Apple and Google in the smartphone space, and RIM's first crack at a tablet device doesn't arrive until sometime in 2011. Despite the wait for the arrival of the PlayBook, RIM is trying to generate interest in an attempt to get consumers t...

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