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Dear Aunt TUAW: Burn baby burn

Dear Aunt TUAW, Is iTunes slowly encouraging the death of CDs? The burn icon at the bottom of the interface has disappeared as you can see in this screen shot. Concerned, Your nephew Sean...

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Bringing the Remote app shine back to the iPod app

Sachin Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Posterous, wrote a blog post yesterday calling Apple a "huge start-up." Fair enough description, but what really interested me about the post was Agarwal had some info on one of my favorite iPhone apps – the Apple Remote. The app, if you aren't familiar w...

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BuzzVoice comes to the iPad

Back in October we wrote a very positive review of the impressive BuzzVoice app for the iPhone and iPod touch. BuzzVoice reads you stories from over 1500 blogs and plays them back in various ways. The playback sound amazingly natural allowing you to choose a male or female voice, or both. You can...

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Macworld 2010: Moodagent has synced over one billion songs

In December we reviewed Moodagent [iTunes Link] a wonderful music app that puts you in control of creating Genius like playlists of your iTunes library. On release it didn't recognize about 20% of my library, but now, after analyzing over one billion songs, I find it to be about 95% accurate, and ge...

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Moodagent: Going iTunes Playlists one better

Moodagent [iTunes Link] (free for now) puts a new spin on the iTunes Genius Playlist system. Instead of leaving it up to Apple to give you category based Genius Playlists, Moodagent, gives you some control over what songs will appear in a 25 song customizable playlist of your music. You are given...

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Exporting all of your playlist names to a text file

The ability to sync albums artists didn't exist prior to iTunes 9.0. My workaround to sync albums was is to create album-based playlists with the following nomenclature: artist - album. This has also made it easy for me to burn CDs of albums, as I could just navigate to a playlist and click on the "...

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5 Smart Playlists to help you manage your iTunes library

Smart playlists have been a feature of iTunes since version 3.0 (circa 2002), and they provide a means for you to create automatically-updated playlists that fit a certain criteria. For me, they serve as a hands-off way to stay up-to-date on my latest music and Podcasts, as well as a repository ...

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Playlist Alarm Clock, drift off and wake up to custom soundtracks

Be sure to check the end of this post for details on your chance to win a free copy of Playlist Alarm Clock! We covered Chilli X last year, with their release of the successful iPhone to-do application, "Done" (iTunes link), and again with myCal, their app for creating custom calendar wallpapers for...

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iTunes 101: Use smart playlists to limit size

Want to make an iTunes playlist that will fill your iPod, without making one that's too big to fit? With an iTunes Smart Playlist you can do this and much more. In this Mac 101 tip I'll show you how. Start by making a new Smart Playlist by selecting File > New Smart Playlist (or hold down the o...

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TUAW Interviews Christopher Breen

Christopher Breen knows a thing or two about iPods, iTunes and the Apple digital media ecosystem. We asked him about the limits of the newly-enabled Apple TV purchases, HD content and the fragile-yet-sexy Macbook Air. Also available on: YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion, and Crackle...

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iPhone 101: Browser-based playlists

Call me fickle, but sometimes I don't want to hear any of the music I've got on my iPhone. What should I do when I'm away from my computer, itching for new music? Create a browser-based playlist. The Internet Archive is a tremendous source of streaming music files (among other things) that play just...

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TUAW Tip: View all items in iTunes 7

One of the things that has been bugging me since updating to iTunes 7 is the inability to see all my content at once; podcasts, video, audio and PDFs-all of it. While I normally don't need to see all my content in a single view, certain tasks, such as when I'm trying to get a feel for how much media...

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Playlist's Plays of 2006

Every year the fine folks at Playlist compile the best 'Plays' of the year, and this year is no different. The Plays of 2006 give a nod to the new iPod nano as the best iPod, and list the best items in: Headphones and speakers Cases and car accessories Home Audio products Head on over and ...

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iLive ICR6806DT

The iLive ICR6806DT is a horribly named new iPod alarm clock/speaker system. It can be set to wake you up using the music on your iPod, or via a more pedestrian alarm like the built in radio. As you can see it also includes a remote so you can pump up the jams from across the room (if that room is ...

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Ask TUAW: What's your favorite Smart Playlist?

While browsing Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes and Smart last night for some ideas on how to make iTunes do my bidding, it dawned on me that these handy tools of automated music wrangling might make for a great Ask TUAW discussion. After all: who doesn't love music, and who doesn't love...

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