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Apple blocking older version of Flash Player plug-in on Safari

Apple announced today that they've updated the web plug-in-blocking mechanism in Safari on OS X to disable older versions of the Adobe Flash Player. The move is a way to protect users from a recent vulnerability that took advantage of an older version of the Flash Player plug-in. If you're ru...

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AppleScript Productivity > Create OmniFocus Followups from Contacts

As an OmniFocus for Mac user, it's important that I can quickly create tasks at any time, in any app. OmniFocus makes this pretty easy, by providing integration with OS X Mail, a keyboard shortcut for clipping content in apps such as Safari, a system-wide Quick Entry window and a Services menu ite...

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A reasonable response to Java security problems (Updated)

Update: According to The Mac Observer, Apple has acted proactively to block the Java browser plug-in on Mac machines with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher. If you are running an earlier version of OS X, then you should disable Java as noted below. Update 2: In a remarkably speedy turnaround, ...

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DocsFlow links Google Docs to Adobe InDesign layouts

Earlier this afternoon, I had lunch with a co-worker, and we discussed the pros and cons of using Google Docs in newsrooms. The idea of leveraging Google's free web-based rich text editor for collaborative editing & then flowing those bits of copy into InDesign for newspaper or magazine layout...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Perian

Have you ever wished QuickTime would just play all those random formats you've got? That you didn't have to resort to other programs, or worse converting everything, just to get them to play? You need Perian. We've covered Perian a lot in the past, and for good reason -- it's a one stop-shop ...

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Nokia releases Ovi Maps 3D beta plug-in for Safari

Nokia has just released a Safari plug-in for its browser-based Ovi Maps 3D mapping software, and it is beautiful. The new mapping software renders lifelike 3D textured buildings in a level of detail that is unparalleled. The image above is from London, and as you can see, not only are the build...

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Count The Beats: Interview with a mixing engineer

In the last year I've spent a fair amount of time doing some recordings. In particular, I've been working on some of my own material. Having invested a large amount of time and money into pre production and the actual recording sessions, what started out as a small bedroom demo soon escalated into s...

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Mac Automation: saving Automator workflows

Now that you've been introduced to Automator, let's let's get into the "nitty-gritty." In the previous Automator post, we learned how to make a workflow that would take photos from your camera, import them into iPhoto, then allow you to e-mail them. Let's look at the three ways in which you can save...

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Safari Block 2 released

Mat posted about Safari 3 Adblock earlier this week. To me, the most impressive feature of that plug-in is its support for Adblock Plus filter subscriptions. In that same vein, SafariBlock, a program TUAW has covered in the past has received a significant update. In version 2.0, not only is the pl...

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Automator Action: Upload to

We mentioned, an iDisk-like online hard drive service, back when we could begin mounting them on our Macs. To simplify uploading files to your account, Daniel Ryan has created an Automator action that not only lets you upload with a simple right click, but it also takes care of chang...

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Forget Me Not - Safari session saving

Forget Me Not 3.0 is a good example of the 3rd party plug-in and add-on support for Safari that is slowly but surely growing. FMN is a basic a session saver plug-in for Safari that can reload any tabs that were open the last time you quit Safari. It isn't quite as powerful as, say, Tab Mix Plus f...

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GeeThree posts free iMovie video rotation plug-in

Bruce Gee, of Slick iMovie plug-in fame, just posted a new free plug-in at his GeeThree site. The plug-in lets you rotate video clips within iMovie, a nice feature to have since usually I head over to QuickTime Pro to deal with video orientation. To install, you'll need to download, unzip and move t...

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iCalFix: automatically add reminders to iCal events

We've blogged iCalFix before, back when it was just a fledgling 0.1 release that didn't even have a GUI interface (you had to edit a pref file lying around in ~/Library). For those who don't remember: it's a simple iCal plugin that automatically adds a reminder to every event you create. In this la...

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Quicksilver Cube interface - "beautiful" doesn't do justice

Now that you have a Quicksilver cheatsheet and manual, check out one of the most beautiful UI plugins I've seen for this app: the Cube Interface. Tim Gaden at Hawk Wings has put together a short video of the interface in action, catching the drool-inducing eye candy in all its glory. I'm not ...

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iPhoto Batch Enhancer

iPhoto Batch Enhancer is a handy tool that allows you to apply iPhoto's built-in effects to a group of photos, instead of just one at a time. One feature specific for users of iPhoto 5 + 6 is 'Snapshot', the ability to quickly record the slider positions of iPhoto's built-in adjustments panel and s...

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