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AllThingsD outs details of Apple's BlackBerry 'employee poaching party'

Yesterday, we briefly mentioned how Apple was trying to hire some of the more than 4,500 BlackBerry employees who recently lost their jobs thanks to continued bad earnings news at the Canadian company. Today, AllThingsD provided more details on what it called a "poaching party" held by Apple in Camb...

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Steve Jobs reportedly threatened Palm over anti-poaching agreement

Documents released in a civil lawsuit against Apple and other high-profile tech companies claim Steve Jobs threatened to sue Palm if it refused to sign an anti-poaching agreement. Defendants in the lawsuit asked the court to keep these documents sealed, but Judge Lucy Koh denied this request, acc...

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Apple Stores and Microsoft Stores by the numbers

TUAW readers know from a series of posts we've run over the years that Microsoft has been opening self-branded stores throughout the U.S., usually just a stone's throw away from well-trafficked Apple Stores. Fortune's JP Mangalindan took a metaphorical bullet for the sake of a story and visited bo...

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Apple, others talking to DoJ about anti-poaching agreement

Apple, Google, Pixar, Intel, and a few other companies are currently in talks with the Department of Justice about an alleged anti-poaching agreement, according to sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal. The government is considering accusing the companies of agreeing to not hire each others' e...

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Microsoft's new retail hiring policy: shop at Apple

If you're an Apple retail employee, you might want to keep an eye out for coy glances across the Genius Bar or little notes emailed to your iPhone -- someone may be trying to offer you a job. Word comes via The Loop, citing anonymous sources, that Microsoft's ramp-up process to launching its new lin...

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