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Pocket God set to release 40th (!) content update

Bolt Creative has announced that it's planning to release its 40th content update for the popular Pocket God app, which will feature a mechanic where players can collect idols and battle them against gods, with more idols and gods in future updates to come. The update also includes a "Mafia ski...

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Dungeon Raid, Puzzle Quest 2, Pocket God, Disc Drivin' get big content updates

A lot of developers are apparently doing some spring cleaning, because there have been a whole lot of updates for popular apps swept out the door this week. One of my favorite Daily Apps in recent memory, Dungeon Raid, got updated with a bunch of new features, including character classes, ...

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The Pocket God Update Song, by Jonathan Mann

Pocket God is still rolling along. It was one of the first big original iPhone games out there, and more than any other title on the App Store, Bolt Creative has been able to both keep the app popular with constant updates and content additions, and even license the app elsewhere in the form of c...

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More App Store controversy from Pocket God

Last week the Baby Shaker app received a lot of negative attention and was subsequently pulled from the App Store. Deservedly so; that game was tasteless. This week, Elaine Howard of the International Pacific Women's Information Network called Bolt's popular Pocket God an "...arrogant slap in the ...

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