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The Productivity Pack: Make 2015 your most productive year yet

It's never too late to make a resolution to change, even if it is the last week of January. The Productivity Pack is a new bundle containing one-year subscriptions for four services plus an 8-week trial subscription to the digital versions of hte New York Times. Valued at over US$185, the Produc...

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Pocket 5.0 adds "Highlights," new navigation

Pocket 5.0, the reborn/renamed version of the Read It Later app, has been released. Version 5.0 for iOS has been redesigned to provide a more streamlined approach to search and navigation. The update introduces a new feature called Highlights that uses your reading habits to make a reading list of t...

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Pocket updates its iOS and Mac app with new 'Send to Friend' sharing feature

Pocket changed its name from Read it Later one year ago today, and the company is celebrating its first anniversary with an update that brings a new sharing feature to the app. Pocket's latest version has a completely redesigned Share menu that includes a "Send to Friend" feature. This option...

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Pocket for Safari and Chrome updated with tag autocomplete and more

Pocket, the handy app that lets you "pocket" articles from the web to read later on Mac or iOS, saw a noteworthy update to its companion plugins for Safari and Chrome today. Among the notable new features is the auto-completion of tags, along with the ability to save articles from Reddit, Twitt...

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Pocket announces digital publishing partnership with Matter

Just last week we mentioned that Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later, was growing its little empire of features and various apps, but hadn't yet landed on a solid monetary plan. Well here that comes now: Pocket has announced a partnership with a Kickstarter-funded digital publisher called M...

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Pocket for Mac gets a big update, better Twitter, Facebook, and Evernote support

Pocket used to be called Read It Later, and it actually did fairly well under that branding, as I remember. But the app was revamped to Pocket a little while ago, and since then, has been growing a little empire of apps designed to save content on one device, and pass it around to any number of...

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Pocket gets update and a whole lotta downloads

The app that began life as Read It Later and that's now known as Pocket (Free) has received a significant update to version 4.1, and the developer took the opportunity to report just how successful the app has become. Since the rename and relaunch of the app three weeks ago, Pocket has receiv...

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Read It Later becomes Pocket, goes free for all

I know Read It Later as a very useful Firefox extension, similar to Instapaper, which allows users to save web content with just one click for later retrieval on smartphones, tablets, or the web. Previous to this, there were both free and pro versions of Read It Later available in the App Store...

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TUAW's Daily iPad App: Pocket RPG

Crescent Moon Games made the excellent Aralon for iOS in the past, and that was a full-fledged RPG, featuring a whole world to explore and lots of gear to collect and quests to complete. Now, the company's gone back to the fantasy well to deliver another hack-and-slash style RPG game, though th...

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GDC 2010: Hands on with Pocket Creatures

One of the best things about going to a convention like GDC is what we in the business call "doing research," which you might know as "playing games." We often get to check out the latest and greatest that developers are working on, and so when Tactile Entertainment offered us a chance to check o...

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The perfect clothing accessory for your iPad

The geek clothiers at SCOTTEVEST keep coming up with great ways to stay in the news, and their latest tip is, not surprisingly, iPad-related. One of the first products from the company was the Travel Vest for Men (US$100), which has been a popular way to hide every piece of tech gear you own in p...

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Survey: Less than half of touchscreen users prefer touchscreen

Here's a few interesting stats from a survey recently conducted in Europe. These aren't specifically about the iPhone, but given that smartphones relied on buttons almost exclusively before Apple's handheld came along (and nowadays, everyone's bragging about their touchscreen technology), a tempera...

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