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Apple abandons effort to secure "POD" trademark

Apple has apparently decided to abandon its trademark application for the term "POD." Apple filed for the trademark in Canada on July 2004. After a series of changes required by the Canadian government and extensions that span seven years, Apple has decided to abandon the patent. The abandonm...

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Apple sues startup over "pod" name

As we've seen before, Apple is laying claim to the word "pod." This time, the target is Sector Labs (SL), who are nearly 10 years into development of their Video Pod. More accurately, Apple believes that customers will confuse SL's Video Pod for an Apple product because of the name. The company f...

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Leo Laporte wants to rebrand podcasts as 'netcasts' - I agree

If you're a TWiT fan (or a listener of almost any of Leo's other 200 podcasts), you might have heard in the past couple of weeks that he's pushing to change the term 'podcast' to 'netcast.' He's even gone so far as to start using it in his lingo on the shows (at least on the few of his shows I can k...

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