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PodBrix to sell young Jobs and Woz figures

PodBrix produces nifty lego figures that commemorate moments in Apple history, like the 1984 ad and a Steve Jobs keynote (I've got this one), as well as other things. Two days from now, their next creation will go on sale: The young Jobs and Woz playset. While the Woz works on a circuit board, Jobs...

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PodBrix 1984 set

It has been awhile since we have heard from PodBrix, purveyors of Apple-centric LEGO creations, and now we know why. They were hard at work in their secret labs creating the 1984 playset. Immortalizing the immortal 1984 commercial in LEGOs seems a worthy addition to the PodBrix line. As usual this ...

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Podbrix announces new (large) macrofig, T-Shirt

Podbrix, creators of great Apple collectibles like the Woz Lego minifig and the Podshirt, which is an integrated T-Shirt/iPod shuffle holder (how long before Apple asks them to remove "pod" from their name?), have announced the 1K Brix Macrofig. It's a 7" replica of the original 1K mi...

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PodBrix to offer Wozwear T-shirts

The folks at PodBrix have done it again. PodBrix occasionally releases limited-run, Apple-themed Lego minifigs. Previous releases have included Woz, Steve delivering a keynote and "Mr. Brix," which is a small figure that attaches to your headphone cord. On January 17th at 9:00 PM EST, they...

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Podbrix Releasing Newest Product Today at 9pm PST

PodBrix will be selling out of Mister Brix, their newest item, tonight at 9pm PST. Past  items included a lego iPod dancer, a little Steve Jobs, an iPod shuffle shirt, and a limited edition Woz.  So what is the deal with Mr. Brix?According to the good people of PodBrix this is the story, ...

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