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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT today with special guest Chuck Joiner

Every Wednesday, TUAW provides its readers with the best in state-of-the-art live Internet reporting through TUAW TV Live. Today is no exception, and at 5 PM EDT, scores of the Apple faithful will point their browsers to for another exciting episode of this landmark in Internet journalism. ...

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Opera: Apple won't let us in the App Store

Opera Software CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner said in a New York Times interview yesterday that its engineers have developed a version of the Opera web browser that works on the iPhone, but Apple has rejected it for the App Store because it competes with Safari. This isn't unprecedented: Apple re...

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Rumor roundup: iPhone 2.2 firmware details

Apple has given developers a taste of the new iPhone firmware, version 2.2 beta 2, and it includes a host of spiffy new features that are making the rounds online. A tipster shared with us some screenshots of the new firmware, including what appears to be the ability to download podcasts directly to...

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Podcaster dev can't provision any more licenses

Developer Alex Sokirynsky wrote a blog post this morning saying Apple rescinded his authority to provision new ad-hoc licenses for his software, Podcaster. The blog post has since been removed, possibly because it violated his developer NDA. Sokirynsky believes that the licenses already provisioned...

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Apple rejects another app for duplicating functionality

Apple has rejected another app from the app store because it considers it too similar to one of Apple's own apps, and thus would cause "user confusion." The app is a front-end for Gmail, called MailWrangler, and allows users to check many Gmail accounts at once (unlike MobileSafari). It offers a si...

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TUAW Review: Podcaster

You've heard about the controversy surrounding Podcaster -- it's the iPhone app that was turned down by Apple for "duplicating the functionality of iTunes." The developer, Alex Sokirynsky, is now distributing his native podcast stream receiver app via ad hoc distribution. The iPhone development wor...

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Podcaster app distributed via Ad Hoc after Apple rejection

There was a lot of debate last week when Apple rejected the Podcaster app for inclusion in the App Store, saying that it "duplicated iTunes functionality." Rather than taking a stand against programming iPhone apps until Apple's policies shift, like Exposure dev Fraser Spiers, Alex Sokirynsky decide...

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