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iPhone 4 reviews roundup

Considering that some lucky early adopters got their new phones today and a large flood of preorders is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, it's no surprise that the embargo has fallen and the first enthusiastic reviews of the new iPhone 4 have been posted. The list and links below: David Pogue in the New...

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David Pogue weighs in on iPad, David Pogue weighs in on iPad

Pogue's tech-centric review (appropriate for those, he says, who meet the following standards: "Do you use BitTorrent? Do you run Linux? Do you have more e-mail addresses than pants?") reiterates the standard complaints -- no Flash, not enough storage, no ports, too pricey. Then the 'for the rest of...

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Pogue-praised Line2 is offline for the moment

The price of fame: earlier this week, David Pogue lavished Toktumi's VoIP app Line2 with a hearty helping of NYT love, saying that the $1 app (which requires a $15 monthly subscription) "has the potential to shake up an entire industry." We first mentioned the service back in February, and while Ste...

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Weekend news & rumor roundup, talkcast reminder

It was a surprisingly rumor-filled Saturday, as both AppleInsider and Boy Genius Report weighed in with hints of a future iMac revision and capabilities expected for iTunes 9. Aside from finally giving users the ability to manage iPhone application order on the desktop (thank goodness), the new vers...

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Pogue and Macworld chime in on MobileMe

David Pogue, the New York Times tech columnist, posted his review of MobileMe last week and despite its problems he thought the service itself showed promise. It looks like a little of that promise is wearing off. The latest post to David's New York Times blog, titled 'MobileMess,' isn't exactly t...

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Mini-review of Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Leopard Edition

If you're trying to figure out what to buy yourself with the gift card you got this holiday season, let me recommend David Pogue's Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Leopard Edition. I was fortunate to get a copy of it for Christmas this year (thanks, sweetie!) and it's 866 pages of sweet, Leopard-y good...

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Pogue: Visual Voicemail 'feature of the year'

There is no doubt that the iPhone is innovative (heck, even ComputerWorld thinks so), and there is also no doubt that David Pogue, New York Times tech columnist, is a big fan of Apple's products. It should come as a surprise to no one, then, that Pogue has included the iPhone on his list of the most...

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Leopard: hard disks no longer welcome in the Dock (updated)

One of my favorite Mac tips, which I shared on TUAW ages ago, won't be making the transition to Leopard. According to David Pogue you can no longer drag your Mac's Hard Disk into the Dock. I'm not sure why Apple thinks that Stacks and a speedier Spotlight can replace the ease of use that this trick ...

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iPhone: The Musical

David. Pogue. Is. Awesome. Aside from the obvious reasons -- creator of the "Missing Manual" book series, New York Times Circuits columnist, all-around-great guy -- he does one thing no other tech pundit can pull off: he parodies well-known songs and turns them into tech classics. He usually debuts ...

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Pogue answers some iPhone questions

David Pogue, tech columnist for the New York Times, is one of the select few who were granted pre-release iPhone review units. This hot little item has tongues wagging, and people itching to plunk down cold hard cash to get one. Oddly enough, despite all the hype Apple has been a little coy with al...

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Who does David Pogue know?

In his jocular and well-produced introductory video for his iPhone review, New York Times writer David Pogue demos all the key features of the device, including the contact list. Wait just a second -- who's that there at the top of the 'S' section? Could it be... yes, it's the power-blogger who sing...

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First "official" reviews of the iPhone are out

Sure, there's been a lot of speculation and discussion about the iPhone, its features and its usability in the mainstream and online press. We might even be guilty of a little speculation here at TUAW, too. I know, try to contain your surprise. Fortunately, speculation time is coming quickly to an e...

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Pogue on the Apple TV

Uncle Walt likes it, but what does David Pogue, NY Times tech columnist, think of the now shipping Apple TV? The short answer: he likes it. Pogue compares Apple's offer to the XBox 360 and the Netgear EVA8000 (seen to the right). The XBox 360 is big and noisy, but offers you HD downloads. Pogue also...

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David Pogue gets his hands on the iPhone

We're just lowly bloggers here at TUAW, so we got no closer to the iPhone than the rest of the Macworld attendees, that is from the other side of a clear plastic barrier. David Pogue, though, is a different story. The New York Times columnist had an hour long meeting with Steve Jobs and Phil Schille...

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The all-singing all-dancing Pogue

David Pogue. Is there nothing the man cannot do? Write books, blogs and articles? Host TV shows, cure cancer and establish world peace? In this clip from a recent Mac user group presentation, he sings his own takes on many popular standards including "Don't cry for me, Cupertino", "76 Trombones d...

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