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On using the iPad in Poland's Parliament

Polish parliamentary member, John Godson, is using an iPad to help him with his official duties as the deputy of Lodz. In an interview with Krystian "MacKozer" Kozerawski, Mr. Godson talks about his overwhelmingly positive experience with the iPad. He says the iPad is his "primary tool" and he ...

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Apple opens online stores for Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, UAE

Apple expanded its online reach by opening stores in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates. Apple celebrated the event with a brightly colored confetti banner on each country's website that announced the grand opening. Customers in these above countries will be able ...

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President Obama gets an iPad 2 filled with Polish pride

President Obama is on a European tour, and one of his stops included Poland. Before parting, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk gave President Obama several gifts, a usual custom for visiting dignitaries. One of those gifts was an iPad 2. President Obama already has an iPad 2, but TUAW reader Da...

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Orange denies planting iPhone customers

Last week, there was a story stating that Orange had hired actors to pad iPhone lineups for the Polish debut. This week, they're denying it. According to Orange, some of their employees were joining customers in line to share in the excitement and talk about the product, not pose as potential custom...

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Orange pays Polish actors to line up for iPhone

Here's an odd story. When the iPhone launches in Poland today (8/22), there will be long lines at Orange retail stores. In fact, it's guaranteed. Reuters is reporting that Orange has hired actors to queue up at "...twenty stores" on Friday to spark in interest. Before you say, "That's crazy," consid...

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iPhone news for Switzerland, Spain and Poland

Here's some good news for people in Switzerland, Spain, Poland who are awaiting iPhones. According to Fortune, all three countries may sell them soon. Earlier this week, Le Matin Online reported (linked page is in French) that Swisscom will be the official iPhone carrier for Switzerland. Coincidenta...

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