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What customer information will Apple provide to the cops?

At the beginning of May, Apple updated its Legal Process Guidelines for U.S. Law Enforcement. These are the guidelines that law enforcement and government entities within the U.S. must follow when seeking information from Apple Inc about the people who use their products, services, and devices. So...

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iPads help Aussie police issue traffic tickets

If you get stopped for a traffic violation near Sydney, Australia, don't be surprised to see the officer pull out an iPad mini. According to the Australian tech site Delimiter, the New South Wales police force has adopted the iPads as part of a four-week trial. The devices are running an app called...

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Stolen car with child inside tracked and found by Find My iPhone

By now we've heard several stories about how Find My iPhone has allowed someone to recover a stolen iPhone, iPad or Mac. Today, that story gets a new twist because the app was instrumental in helping police track down a stolen car with a 5-year-old child inside. As reported by ABC, a father's SUV w...

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New Zealand police department will distribute 10,000 iOS devices to officers

Businesses are not the only entities handing out iPhones and iPads to their employees. In New Zealand, police officers are also being outfitted with the iOS device en masse. According to a report in The National Business Review Online, government and police officials have announced a new progra...

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NYPD launches crime-reporting app for citizens

The New York Police Department has launched its first official app today. The NYPD app was designed to help facilitate the NYDP's mission to "enhance the quality of life in New York City by working in partnership with the community and in accordance with constitutional rights to enforce the law...

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Find My iPhone leads L.A. cops to cache of stolen goods

It's another case closed for Find My iPhone. Hollywood police, along with the owner of a stolen iPhone, used the free app to track down the device and ended up nabbing four robbers in the process. CBS Los Angeles reports that an LAPD helicopter helped officers locate the thieves in a parked c...

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NYC police encouraging iPhone buyers to register their serial numbers

Apple's mobile devices have been targeted by thieves since the iPod debuted years ago. As the iPhone 5 goes on sale, New York City police are taking a proactive step towards protecting customers. Today, Gothamist reports that NYC police will be at the 5th Avenue Apple Store asking iPhone 5 buyer...

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David Pogue's iPhone lost, searched for, found, world safe for kittens

Are you sitting? You'd better be sitting down for this one. Go ahead, we'll wait -- safety first. Sitting now? Ok, here we go: David Pogue lost his iPhone. Don't worry, don't worry! It's ok -- he found it eventually. Pogue, author and personal tech columnist for the New York Times, lost track...

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Settlement may have been reached in missing iPhone 4S case

Remember that missing iPhone 4S that was allegedly lost at the Cava 22 lounge and tracked to a residence in San Francisco? The home was possibly searched illegally by Apple security and the home's owner, Sergio Calderon, threatened to sue. It appears the whole debacle may have been settled ou...

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Find my iPad saves Christmas

Here's a nice story thanks to Apple's Find my iPad feature. A family in California had their Christmas gifts stolen last week, along with several other items in the home. Seemingly unrelatedly, another man had his iPad stolen soon after, and he called the police to report the theft. He was able...

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NYPD makes many arrests in iPhone/iPad sting operation

The New York Police Department ran an undercover sting operation recently on vendors and businesses accused of selling stolen iPads and iPhones, and came up with a whopping 141 arrests. That's a pretty crazy bust -- apparently undercover officers actually went out to businesses with iPhone 4s a...

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Apple security chief John Theriault reportedly retiring

Apple's vice president of global security, John Theriault, has left the company. In the wake of the investigation into the whereabouts of a lost iPhone 4S prototype earlier this year in which Apple's security personnel allegedly impersonated San Francisco police officers, many believe that kerf...

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Police adopting iPhone-based facial-recognition device

Police in the U.S. may soon have a new mobile tool to aid in the identification of criminals. It's called MORIS, Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System, and includes both a retinal scanner and camera to scan suspects from as far as five feet away. The system is powered by an iPho...

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Fake iPhones seized from LA warehouse

Police in the port of Los Angeles have seized what they say is over $10 million worth of counterfeit Apple devices from a warehouse. The fake iPods, iPhones and iPod touches were reportedly brought in from Asia recently, and they were supposedly going to be sold around CES this past year, duping cu...

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Five men rob Apple Store in Greenwich, CT

Apple Store burglars have struck again, this time in Greenwich, Connecticut. Police say that at least five suspects, seen in the surveillance photo to the right, broke through the front door and helped themselves to a whole bunch of Apple products valued in the tens of thousands of dollars. The stor...

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