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Chillingo explains why devs need them

Chillingo COO Ed Rumley had a chat with GamesIndustry, and said that the iOS publisher (which is owned by EA) is more needed than ever by developers. Yes, he admits it's easier than ever for anyone to make and publish a game on the App Store, but the hard part comes after that. "We always remin...

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Daily iPad App: Kingdom Rush

I first played Kingdom Rush as a Flash game online, and it's very good in that context as well. It's pretty straightforward tower defense, in that you face a series of invading monsters, and need to build up towers to defend against them. But Kingdom Rush outgrows its simple tower defense roots...

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AppWall screensaver brings the App Wall to your Mac

Even though I haven't actually seen it in person, I've been a big fan of Apple's App Wall at WWDC every year; they've hooked up a bunch of servers and Mac pros in order to create an animated set of App Store icons that shows real-time purchases in a very visual way. Now, I can have a little piece...

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Convertbot updated to 1.1, adds more units to convert

I haven't had much use for Tapbots' Weightbot, even though I actually am currently watching my weight, but I really appreciate the look and feel of the program -- it's one of the most polished apps on the App Store. And Convertbot is no different -- while the actual situations where I need to conver...

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The most scratched up iPod wins!

Who says scratches on your iPod are a bad thing? This week at MWSF, the folks at Applesauch Polish (I just love that name) are looking for the iPod that has been scratched and abused even worse than their demo model. That lucky (if "lucky" is the right word) person will receive a much need...

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