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Tag: pomodoro

Productivity Tip: Focus time

In order to stay productive, you must accomplish tasks. Unfortunately, as communications have sped up and become omnipresent, our focus has been sliced and diced to the paper-thin setting. How many times a day does a calendar invite, Facebook update, email or Tweet send you off your task and...

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Friday Favorite: Due

Yesterday around the TUAW water cooler a number of us expressed our love of Due, an app for Mac and iOS that is basically a simple timer/reminder application (my original review here). After trying dozens of timer apps, I think Due wins for a number of features that make it stand out from a...

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Steampunk and the Pomodoro Technique creates The Amazing Mechanical Pomodoro

Last November, I wrote a post about the Pomodoro Technique of getting things done. The technique involves using a tomato-shaped kitchen timer to get you to concentrate on work for a set period of time before taking a mandatory break, and it's very useful for those of us who tend to get easily...

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The Pomodoro Technique, or how a tomato made me more productive

I've alluded to my search for personal organization a couple of times during 2009. While it's not something that I'm obsessing about, I now capture my major goals in Things, and that at least tells me what I'm supposed to be doing in terms of short and long-term goals. However, I found that...

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