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Popular Science sees boost from Apple's Newsstand

Apple's Newsstand app, which premiered on iOS devices with the release of iOS 5, was designed to improve the sales of newspapers and magazines by giving publishers their own virtual shelf space in a highly visible app. Several other publications have already touted their success stories with Ne...

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Popular Science has sold 10,000 iPad magazine subscriptions

When Apple introduced its new subscription terms earlier this year, Popular Science embraced this change and introduced subscription-based billing into its iPad-based magazine. Now that six weeks have elapsed, publisher Bonnier Technology Group is happy to report that Pop Sci now has 10,000 iPad ...

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Elle, Nylon and Pop Sci gladly adopt Apple's subscription terms

Not every publisher's feathers were ruffled by the changes Apple made to its subscription policy earlier this week. While Rhapsody may have responded negatively to the changes, some publishers are accepting the new terms and adopting Apple's new subscription model. According to Advertising Age, thr...

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Apple highlights third party iPad apps with walkthrough videos

Apple has posted a new web page highlighting some third-party apps made for the iPad, complete with their own Apple-produced demo videos. Each highlighted app gets a description, App Store link and demo clip. The clips are short and to the point while showing off an app's main features. Among 'Th...

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The making of The Elements for iPad

Popular Science takes an in-depth look into the makings of The Elements: A Visual Exploration for the iPad, the app that's had many reviewers nearly swooning with giddy geek pleasure. The article is written by the original book's author and Wolfram Research's co-founder, Theodore Gray, who describe...

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Just got my iPad. Now what?

It's pretty clear that new iPad owners are hitting the app store in droves. Books, games and movies are all flying off the virtual shelves. Since you may be suffering from sensory overload, or just looking for some ideas, here are some things I've seen that might be worth a look. I tried Time Mag...

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Popular Science magazine comes to the iPad

Mag+ live with Popular Science+ from Bonnier on Vimeo. The Mag+ digital magazine concept was first previewed in December, six weeks before Apple announced the iPad. Looks like their awesome concept just needed the right tech. Now Bonnier has released Popular Science+, the iPad edition of Popul...

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It ain't easy to get an iPhone review unit

I'm not saying that Apple didn't send out any iPhone review units, but they sent out very few (probably in the single digits). It makes sense, since everyone is worked up into a froth at the moment about the iPhone. Apple doesn't need to beg publications to review this thing, they will be selling a ...

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Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub Wins Popular Science Award

Popular Science magazine has awarded Belkin's Cable-Free USB Hub one of its 100 "Best of What's New" awards, along with other cool gear like Logitech's MX Revolution, the Optimus Mini Three keyboard, among others. The Cable-Free USB Hub was due out in the spring but has been delayed several times d...

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