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iPhone 4 rocketing to the top of Flickr's camera list

It's no surprise that the iPhone 4 is not only a popular smartphone, but also a well-liked digital camera. The 5-megapixel back camera doesn't have the highest pixel count of all smartphone cameras, and the specifications of that camera don't hold a candle to many of the digital SLRs and point-...

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Applescript for OmniGraffle to create graphical map of music taste

Another day, another slick new tool for graphically viewing artists in your iTunes library. OGMT (OmniGraffle Musical Taste) is an applescript that will generate an OmniGraffle file containing a graphical map of all of your artists, emphasizing the ones you play most. For those who aren't familiar w...

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Has the iPod reached ubiquitous status?

So I was shopping in Linens 'N Things with my fiance this afternoon, and what did my eyes spy? iPod accessories. Yep, amidst the warehouse-ceiling-high shelves of bed and bath products and gadgets were iPod and iPod shuffle cases from DLO and even Griffin's iTrip. In a Linens 'N Things.Is the iPod t...

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