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Apple portables set to dominate latter half of 2011

According to Fortune, financial analysts from Deutsche Bank are predicting a rise in Apple's global portable computer sales for the rest of this year. If the iPad is included in those numbers, the rise is downright astonishing, taking Apple from last place among the six vendors studied all the ...

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The cost of Apple's products, adjusted for inflation

A site called VoucherCodes recently tried to figure out if the $499 entry-level iPad really is as good a deal as many have claimed. They analyzed the cost of several of Apple's products, adjusted for inflation, and some of the results are pretty astonishing. The first Apple computer ever created,...

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Swap a Macbook's glossy display for matte

Users have a love/hate relationship with Apple's glossy displays. Namely, they either love them or they hate them. I haven't used one myself, as I'll be hanging on to my original MacBook Pro until it ceases to work. Until now, shoppers could get either a glossy or matte display with the 15" MacBook...

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Reviewing the new MacBook Pro

Blogger Shawn Blanc has written another one of his thorough reviews. This time, it's the new MacBook Pro. The interesting thing is that he's using it to replace his Mac Pro. Most tech professionals have a primary machine (often a desktop) and a secondary (usually a laptop). After living with this s...

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Win a BookEndz Dock for MacBook from Macsimum News

If you failed to win the BookEndz Dock for MacBook that we gave away last month, Macsimum News (MN) is offering you another chance. It's almost April, so they're having a good, old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt. Several articles on the site will be littered with colorful eggs. Keep track of which eggs ...

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Future Apple Notebooks likely to benefit from flash?

Another cool thing about the transition to Intel is the availability of more information for informed guesses about the future direction of Apple hardware. Since Apple is increasingly using technology also offered to other OEMs it's harder for Apple to keep likely future developments secret for as ...

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