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Grove and Woodblock Chocolate team up to make edible iPhone case

I'm used to seeing iPhone cases made from some pretty exotic materials and am a big fan of the wood cases created by Portland, Ore.-based Grove. Now that innovative case maker has teamed up with a local chocolatier -- Woodblock Chocolate -- to make a tasty and protective treat for the iPhone 5/5s o...

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App Camp for Girls would introduce girls to coding

The App Camp for Girls is a recently unveiled Indiegogo project that's designed to provide support for young girls interested in putting together iPhone and mobile apps. The camp itself is planned for a run in Portland later this year, and will allow girls to go through all of the steps of putti...

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Thieves drive truck through Apple retailer's wall

We've heard of quite a few robberies at Apple Stores (and in its own twisted way, the idea makes sense -- despite the adage that 'crime doesn't pay,' laptops and iPhones are certainly easy to carry and very resellable), but this is probably the most brute force way we've seen it done. A set of thie...

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More Portland Apple Store drama

We mentioned that the Portland Apple Store was a no go, but Cabel Sasser, Portland resident and Mac developer (of Panic fame) has investigated the story some more. It seems that the good people of Portland were concerned about Apple just plopping another carbon copy of an Apple store in their fair ...

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Apple throws out plans for Portland store

Just as the battle for Apple Store Boston continues, ifoAppleStore is reporting that Apple has decided not to further pursue plans to construct one of its retail stores in Portland, Oregon. Apple initially showed interest in building a store in the city in November 2005, when it presented the city's...

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