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Grandma plus iPad equals artistic expression

Reddit user Oxide42 posted the above photo of his grandmother with the following caption: Bought my Grandma an iPad. She's 84 and never had a tablet, and wanted it for "art." I bought ArtRage for her and left her alone with her new toy for 30 minutes. This is what I came back to. Nice work, G...

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Kyle Lambert paints portraits with the iPad

UK-based visual artist Kyle Lambert put together a slideshow for Macworld that showcases the power of the iPad in the hands of professional. I couldn't create anything nearly as nice as this, but Lambert has been able to create a life-like portrait using only his fingers, the Brushes app for the ...

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Sports Illustrated: Cost-cutting has hindered iPad app

If you're a regular reader of the Sports Illustrated (SI) publication for the iPad, you may have noticed something unusual / different in the latest issue. The SI iPad edition is now only viewable in landscape mode, no longer supporting portrait mode as it did in previous issues. If you hold your iP...

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Sitting for a portrait with FaceTime on iPhone 4

So, you're tired of your Twitter avatar, the photo of your face that you took in Photo Booth. Maybe a nice portrait would be in order... David Lanham, who is probably best known for his work with Iconfactory (he designed Ollie, the Twitteriffic bluebird), is an accomplished artist whose body of ...

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Found footage: Creating photorealistic portraits with a finger and an iPad

Artists are taking to the iPad like ducks to water. The device seems to be a natural tool for many artists to use, and the public is now starting to see the fruits of the relationship in the form of some startling and beautiful digital art. Kyle Lambert is a perfect example of an artist who ha...

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iPhone OS 4 beta 3 adds orientation lock, iPod controls to multitasking bar

9to5Mac reports that new features have been added to the iPhone's multitasking bar as of the release of iPhone OS 4 beta 3 earlier today. Swiping left from the multitasking bar now accesses a new set of controls. On the far left is an orientation lock, which disables the iPhone's auto-switching betw...

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Tricking your iPhone to play TV shows and movies in portrait view

By default, movies and TV shows in the iPod portion of the iPhone and iPod touch play in landscape view. The biggest change with respect to video orientation came about with iPhone OS 2.0, which provided the option for landscape-right viewing (that is, with the volume and silent/vibrate buttons fac...

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