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Beautune is a capable OS X editor for making portraits

The digital era has given us a bountiful selection of apps to improve portraits we take. Photoshop, long the favorite for improving and retouching, is being challenged by a variety of apps that complete a single task -- improve portraits. Beautune, released today in the Mac App Store, is a US$49.99...

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Facetune is a powerful portrait editor for iOS

It's amazing how many editing tools that used to require Photoshop are migrating to inexpensive iOS apps. Facetune, a US$2.99 app for the iPhone can take any portrait and retouch complexion, eyes (even changing eye color), remove stray hair, add hair where it is missing, change hair color and whi...

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Photo Shaper for iOS is a nice way to create a memorable portrait

There aren't a lot of apps that specialize in portraits, but Photo Shaper (on sale for US$1.99 on the App Store) does just that. The app is simplicity itself. Take a photo using the camera controls in the app, or grab something from your Camera Roll. The app mattes a circle around the photo, an...

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Daily iPad App: Perfect365 touches up faces in a snap

I'm really impressed when powerful applications or techniques migrate to iOS and seem to work as well (or better than) as they do on the desktop. A good example is Perfect365 HD. This iPad app lets you take a photo of a person and modify it, 'improving' their facial structure, lips, eyes, nose...

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TUAW review: Create perfect self-portraits with Self Image

How many times have you tried to take a picture of yourself or you and a buddy with your iPhone, only to end up with your face well out of the frame? The folks who brought you the fun panoramic photo app, Pano, have just delivered their latest creation to the App Store -- Self Image is now available...

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