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Evernote updates iOS app, announces partnership with Post-It and creates Evernote Market at EC3 conference

Evernote, the go-to note-taking app for 75 million people, has announced the latest expansion of its empire today at its EC3 conference with the unveiling of Evernote Market and a partnership with Post-It Notes. Yes, that's right: Post-It Notes, where people's random ideas were stored before Evern...

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Daily Mac App: Memo

I've written about quite a few note-taking apps in my pursuit of the best one. Most shy away from the Post-It note paradigm because OS X comes with Stickies, a pretty decent representation of the repositionable note, but Memo takes it head-on. Memo is basically Stickies with iCloud and passwo...

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Microsoft MacBU celebrates 10th anniversary with pixel art

Loyal reader Nik Fletcher sent us a heads-up on the Microsoft MacBU's 10th anniversary party decorations: gigantic Office icons made with powerful Excel mojo and over one thousand Post-it Notes, covering windows in the entryway to their building. I suppose they didn't have quite that many Mac Mini ...

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