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Apple sold 645,000 devices per day in the 2nd quarter

Blogger Adrian Kingsley-Hughes over at ZDNet did the math and came up with some staggering statistics about Apple's hardware sales during the last quarter. As we heard during the Q2 2012 earnings call yesterday, Apple sold 35.1 million iPhones, 11.8 million iPads, 7.7 million iPods and 4 millio...

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Andy Ihnatko on the iPad as his main mobile computer

Andy Ihnatko wrote an article for Macworld UK in which he talks about living in a post-PC world with the iPad as his main computing device. He discusses how the iPad has changed from a content consumption to a content creation device, thanks to some bold developers willing to push the iPad to i...

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MS exec says tablet computing may not be 'persistent'

Microsoft's view of computing in the post-pc era is quite different than Apple's. Apple anticipates the tablet will temporarily fill the void between the smartphone and the computer. Eventually, it will replace the computer for many users. Microsoft, on the other hand, questions the longevity o...

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Departing Microsoft software architect warns of post-PC world

After announcing last week that he would be stepping down as Microsoft's chief software architect, Ray Ozzie has posted an essay where he warns that the end is near for the Redmond company's way of doing business. Despite all of the businesses that Microsoft has gotten into over the past two decades...

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