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Marco Arment on the Mac App Store's future

Marco Arment, the creator of Instapaper, weighed in with his thoughts on the future of the Mac App Store. He argued that, unless Apple changes some of its rigid policies, the Mac App Store is doomed. He pointed to the recent departure of the email client Postbox, which in part was the result of A...

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Postbox 3 launches with more social, more integration

We've tracked the progress of the Postbox email client for a while now, and it keeps getting better. Postbox -- an evolution of the Mozilla email client -- combines ease-of-use and email power tools to create a full-featured client with great polish. Version 3.0 brings with it not only new featur...

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MacLegion 2011 fall bundle now available

MacLegion has announced their fall bundle for 2011. This year's bundle features 10 Mac apps worth US$639 for the low price of $49.95. The apps in this year's bundle are: Corel Painter Essentials 4 RapidWeaver 5 BannerZest Pro 3 Postbox 2.5 DEVONthink Pro 2.2 Swift Publi...

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Postbox 2.5 out with new Mac theme, 64-bit mode

Postbox is a favored alternate email client among the TUAW staff and version 2.5 was just released with a number of updates. This includes Postbox now running in 64-bit mode along with a new theme, interface and icon set that does much to make it look similar to the built-in Mail app, but retain...

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Postbox 2.0 available now!

We've covered Postbox in the past, and I've been using it regularly since the beta. Version 2.0 was just officially released, and there's a lot to love in the latest incarnation of this Mail.app replacement. Postbox already had some great organization capabilities, including "Conversation" views for...

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Postbox adds Things and OmniFocus support

The first time I heard about Postbox, it was a relatively new email client for the Mac. Based on the details in the first announcement and my trial run, I was very intrigued. I recall telling the rest of TUAW that -- if its stated goals were achieved -- it had the potential to take over my Mail.app ...

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Postbox Beta 8 solves issues, adds QuickLook support

If you're in the market for a new email client to try, I mentioned Postbox a few weeks ago. Late yesterday, the Postbox team released beta 8, which features an improved conversation view, and new and improved support for QuickLook, Flickr, Hotmail, and Growl. The beta also fixes many bugs found by u...

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TUAW First Look: Postbox Public Beta

Postbox, the email client built for heavy email users, entered Public Beta on Sunday. Postbox is designed to allow you to search, organize, and manage your email more more efficiently. Postbox includes a powerful search tool that lets you use Gmail-style search terms (like "from:Steve" or "before A...

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