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Last Shot for iOS posts your most recent photo to social sites

Urban Apps' "The Last Shot" (free for a limited time) is an app that provides extremely narrow utility. The Last Shot posts your most recently-snapped picture to social networking sites. And that's about it. Fortunately, that functionality is both well thought out and convenient. The develope...

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Blogging with your voice: Siri, Blogger, and post-by-SMS

As I mentioned on my earlier post, Steve Sande and I have been hard at work collaborating on "Talking to Siri," an ebook that will soon hit the Kindle store. One of the topics we're exploring is how to push Siri beyond its advertised limits. Take blogging, for example. Did you know that you c...

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Ten ways to replace iWeb and MobileMe hosting

Yesterday, we reported on a rumor that Apple's website creation software, iWeb, is about a year away from obsolescence, along with MobileMe's hosting of iWeb sites. An iWeb user allegedly sent Apple CEO Steve Jobs an email asking if he should start looking for another website builder and a new ...

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Rumor: Steve Jobs says iWeb and MobileMe hosting are going away

Those of us with a vested interest in iWeb have been perplexed by the lack of interest shown by Apple in the former iLife web design app. Couple this with the pending demise of MobileMe on June 30, 2012, and that confusion turns into concern. MacRumors featured a post a few hours ago about an iWe...

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Posterous for iPhone puts microblogging power at your fingers

Arguably, one of the easiest ways to publish online is with Posterous. Creating and updating a weblog with Posterous is as simple as sending an email. Now, the gang has created another tool for users to play with: Posterous for iPhone (free). I've been using the app for a couple of weeks now. I also...

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Pulse News Reader for iPad update makes you a news editor

A new update to Pulse News Reader for iPad now lets you mash up your own mix of news for others to subscribe to. The update to version 1.1.4, which went live last evening, provides each user with their own "pulse" if they so desire. What's a pulse? It's actually a Posterous blog (with a pulsememe...

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Make your personal iPhone app in just 10 minutes

Have you ever secretly wished that you could have your own personal iPhone app? An app that you could give to friends, relatives, and your adoring fans? Now you can have your own iPhone (or Android, if you swing that way) app featuring all of your personal feeds from sources such as Twitter, Flic...

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Quick and easy podcasting with an iPhone 3GS, GarageBand, and Posterous

I love podcasting. My first podcasts weren't really podcasts, just recordings that I made and uploaded to a website in the late 90's so that other people could listen to them. Unlike the podcasts we know and love today, there was no way to subscribe to all of the episodes that I recorded. When p...

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PicPosterous for the iPhone is nearly perfect

I've spent the last few weeks with Posterous, a blogging platform from Sachin Agarwal and Garry Tan. The result is both a modest record of my travels and a powerful enthusiasm for the service. Posterous is going to be huge. Even Andy says so. Over the years, I've used every blogging platform I've fo...

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