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The headless PowerBook

According to the photo's Flickr description, this poor 12-inch PowerBook took a nasty spill down some wooden stairs, resulting in the defacing you see before you. The computer continued to function after losing its head thanks to an external monitor, but after an unfortunate power cord tripping in...

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PowerBook takes a dive

Ever wonder what a PowerBook would look like after falling from the top of a building? Apparently that's exactly what happened to this poor fella. The photographer who snapped this tragic picture doesn't provide much detail beyond the fact that it was thrown, but judging by the damage the laptop s...

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The $5 PowerBook

I love my MacBook Air, but I couldn't possibly turn down a deal like this. A fiver for a gorgeous machine like that? Look at that screen, those massive hinges, and that classic trackball embedded right in the center. What a beauty. [Photo credit: Oskay]...

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How Apple laptops interfaced with phones in 1999

1999 doesn't seem all that long ago, but it was -- it really was. Here we see a PowerBook 550c (1995/1996) getting frisky with an NTT Personal PALDiO (1999) Japanese flip phone in its PCMCIA slot. Not exactly as slick as an iPhone wirelessly chatting with a MacBook, but it was probably pretty damn...

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A precarious perch

On the list of "Places I wouldn't want to use my Apple notebook" this would be near the top. Maybe I'm just not brave enough to handle it. Have you ever used your MacBook (or PowerBook) next to a large quantity of water? [Photo credit: Ondra Soukup]...

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The PowerBook 5300: The laptop that halted an alien invasion

In August of 1995, Apple launched a computer that would change the fate of the world: the PowerBook 5300. This 5.9lb fusion of black polycarbonate and capacitors had a modest debut, but little did anyone know that less than a year later, on July 4th 1996, it would save the world. It was on that f...

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Macworld lists six rare Macs

Benj Edwards of Macworld takes a walk down memory lane and lists six obscure Mac computers that saw limited production runs. All the unusual machines were produced in 1990s and include the JLPGA PowerBook 170, the Color Classic II, the Macintosh TV, Power Macintosh G3 All-in-One, Twentieth Anni...

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My main computer, 2004 versus 2011

In 2004, I bought my first Mac. I'd used Macs for decades before that, but those Macs always belonged to someone else. The first Mac that I called my own was a 233 MHz PowerBook G3 I bought off eBay for the princely sum of US$205. It quickly became my main machine, which thrilled my wife becaus...

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SafeSleep lets you use safe sleep on demand on your Mac

Editor's note: This app is no longer being developed or supported by the original developer. If you've ever wanted more control over Apple's "safe sleep" mode, the free from Side Tree Software is for you. If you've never heard of it before, you might be wondering what "safe sleep...

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Carrie Bradshaw: a Mac no longer

Say it ain't so, Carrie! Our friend Christina Warren reports over at Mashable that the second Sex and the City film is featuring product placements from Hewlett-Packard rather than from Apple, including an entire site dedicated to the movie. As Christina points out, Carrie's Mac was practi...

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Twelve things to do with an old Apple computer

As I type this article on my MacBook Pro, I can't help but glance over at my poor PowerBook Lombard G3 with its awesome translucent bronze keyboard, sitting in its dusty laptop bag. The battery is long toast. When I last booted it up, the clock thought that the system time was close to 1970 thanks t...

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Flickr Find: MacBook Generations

Oh man. I'm tempted to just sit back and let you marvel at the beauty, history, innovation, and intelligence that is on display in the picture above, taken and posted by Robert Donovan on Flickr (and be sure to check out the alternate view, too -- I actually like the alt view better, given that i...

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Don't panic: Liquid damage, and what to do about it

We've all had an "oh poopie" moment involving liquids: Time slows down, you watch as the glass tips over, its contents cascading (beautifully, in another context perhaps) over the rim and onto the table. The rivulets of beverage roll in a miniscule tidal wave across the surface, over the edge, and d...

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A tweet for a case

We're not sure what someone has been putting in the water lately, but two separate vendors pinged us with case giveaways within minutes of each other. They're both using Twitter as the entry mechanism for the giveaways. The first giveaway is from our buddies at Evernote, who want you to win one of t...

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Apple: Welcome to the obsolete list, PowerBook G4

Ars Technica reports that Apple will announce the latest additions to its list of vintage and obsolete machines on March 17. The list, initially reported through MacMerc, includes the following: The "vintage" machines are ones where service parts are available to repair machines purchased in Califor...

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