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Powerlogix bought by OWC

Well I think I found one of the reasons why no one replied to my recent plea for help with my PowerLogix card. It seems that PowerLogix has just been acquired by OWC. Other World Computing is a company that sells a mix of its own gear and  third party hardware (including PowerLogix and other ma...

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Powerlogix problems: overheating and kernel panics

If you have upgraded your Mac using my semi-cracky How-To you may have also upgraded your Powerlogix CPU Director software as time went along. Recently I updated to CPU Director 2.3b2, and when the drop down menu in System Preferences > Energy Saver > Options > Processor Performance disappe...

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Powerlogix Upgrade for 10.4.4 compatibility

If you run a Powerlogix proc in your Mac then you probably are already aware that each OS upgrade means upgrading your CPU Director software. In case you were out of the loop or mesmerized by the keynote you've been looping incessantly for the past few days, be sure todownload the upgrade. I've bee...

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