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This goofy fake iPhone can turn off any TV, and even put your Mac to sleep

I'll admit I have a mischievous streak. Because of that, I've had my eye on a TV-B-Gone for a while now. A company called Cornfield Electronics makes the gadgets, which come in a few different shapes and sizes, and all of them serve a single purpose; to shut down almost any screen that is controll...

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iPad licked by gullible anchor, film at 11

Even though April Fools' Day is over and all the Saran Wrap has been removed from the toilet bowl, it is still fun to share some of the notable pranks, especially when the prank involves an unsuspecting news anchor being duped into licking an iPad, live on camera, thanks to the Shock Top app....

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NY teen arrested after leaving threatening note on screen in Apple Store

A teen in New York has been arrested for leaving a threatening note on the screen of a computer at an Apple Store. The 17-year-old boy was joking around with friends when he typed a note on screen promising "a bloody death" to anyone working in the store via a "bomb loaded with C4, strapped to my c...

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Flickr Find: Jailbroken iPhone at Apple Store

Just like Macenstein, I can't actually tell you whether this photo is real, photoshopped, or just staged (my guess is staged), but it is funny. This iPhone, seemingly on display at the Apple Store, has one too many icons, and so apparently what the AT&T salesman told a customer in front of me ...

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Mac OS X kernel panic screensaver - let the pranks begin

What's better than a Dashboard widget that can display a Mac OS X kernel panic? A full-on screensaver that can simulate one, of course! Mark Johns of Doomlaser has built an eerily realistic kernel panic screensaver, right down to the slowly dropping grey shade of despair, that will surely induce...

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Steve Jobs: Smooth Criminal

Steve's a smooth guy, we know this. Witness his near-flawless execution of the keynotes. Marvel at how he keeps a straight face when asked about secret projects. Not that he always keeps his cool, but I certainly wouldn't want to play poker with the guy. The criminal part? Well, I'm not talking abou...

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