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Adobe announces Photoshop Elements 12 & Premiere Elements 12

Adobe has announced the next generation of its consumer photography and video-editing apps. The company took the wraps off of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and Adobe Premiere Elements 12 tonight. The apps have traditionally been aimed at the "hobbyist" market, and the latest version of each plays th...

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Adobe releases Photoshop Elements 10 & Premiere Elements 10 for Mac

Today Adobe announced new versions of its consumer flagship photo and video editing applications. Photoshop Elements 10 adds new features including 100 paint and effects patterns, depth of field simulation, and the ability to find photos that contain certain objects, like your dog or a hat. Pho...

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Ed Burns premieres movie on iTunes, defends digital distribution for smaller features

411Mania's got an interview up with actor and filmmaker Ed Burns, whose latest movie, Purple Violets, is going to be distributed exclusively through iTunes for four weeks. Apparently he says he had a couple of "half-assed theatrical offers" for it, but none of them panned out, so when iTunes promise...

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See it at iTunes before it premieres

There's a new trend over at the iTunes store: shows that you can buy and watch well in advance of the network premiere. Take "The Winner", for example, or "Andy Barker, PI". Both these shows debuted on iTunes, with all their episodes, before they started airing on TV. This move should create advance...

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Video editing: Mac or PC?

Our pals over at DV Guru (a sister blog) have posed one of the endearing questions in the video editing industry to their readers, which I thought might be fitting for TUAW as well: video editing - Mac or PC? For the longest time, video editing on a PC with Avid software has been the reigning king, ...

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Jobs in a suit

I've seen this pic before, but it's getting the traffic over at Digg, so I thought it worth pointing to again. Here's the full-size picture of the cover of the premiere issue of Macworld, featuring Steve Jobs, not in jeans and a turtleneck as a friend to the consumer, but in a suit, trying to sell t...

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