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Pre-order Madden 25 on Amazon, get a deal for NFL app streaming

This is an excellent deal for any iOS owners who are fans of football and video games. EA is releasing the 25th anniversary iteration of the Madden football series this year, called Madden 25. And in the Anniversary Edition, which costs US$100, there will be a deal with DirecTV and the NFL to se...

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Anomaly 2 coming May 15

11 Bit Studios has announced that Anomaly 2 now has an official release date. The game will be available for the Mac (along with Windows and Linux) on May 15. Anomaly is, of course, a popular iOS game these days, though the series started on the PC and it's returning there for the sequel. Previ...

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iCEO is a plush Steve Jobs

Throwboy's got a new pillow coming out soon, and as you can see above, it's in the shape of a plush Steve Jobs. I don't know -- some of you might say this is too soon after the late, great CEO's passage last October, but we certainly wouldn't have had a problem celebrating Steve in this way when ...

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Apple iPad pre-orders now live in the US

Get out that plastic and point your browsers to Apple's online storefront as iPad pre-orders are now live. If you want to get some of the retina-display goodness, then you better not delay. Demand will be high and likely outpace supply. Note that Apple's servers are getting slammed, so the site's ...

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Unlocked iPhone 4S now available for pre-order in the US

Apple has begun taking unlocked iPhone 4S pre-orders in the US Online Apple Store. The preorders list a 1 to 2-week ship time and and are available for all three storage capacities in white and black. I just put an order in for my unlocked iPhone 4S and the confirmation email lists a delivery d...

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Apple Store is down, iPhone 4S preorders begin 12:01 A.M. Pacific

The show must go on... and Apple's famous sticky note has appeared on cue. The online Apple Store is down in preparation for preorders for the iPhone 4S, which will commence at 12:01 A.M. Pacific time. Those of you who are eagerly awaiting preorders for the latest iPhone had better still be awake...

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Apple Store is back up, gives more detail on the digital adapter

The Apple Store is back online and features information for the iPad 2, along with the iPad Smart Cover and the Apple Digital AV adapter, which also supports video output from the original iPad, iPhone 4 and current-generation iPhone 4, but mirroring will only be on the iPad 2. Video out supp...

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Verizon iPhone pre-orders sold out, new VZW iPhone ad debuts

Contrary to the anticipation of some midnight ramblers (or, to be precise, three in the morning bandits), the Verizon subscriber-exclusive pre-order window didn't close for business before the sun rose on the East Coast this morning. It took all of 17 hours or so for the initial allocation of pre-or...

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Verizon iPhone orders already shipping

Those of you who placed your pre-order for the Verizon iPhone 4 early this morning may be in for a nice surprise tomorrow, as TUAW reader Cameron from The 9magnets Blog wrote in to let us know that his VZW iPhone has apparently already shipped. A screenshot of his order (and the corresponding Ameri...

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Verizon iPhone prep: Save your old voicemail, it's not coming with you

Thinking of picking up a new iPhone 4 for your Verizon account in the coming weeks? Macworld's review is already up, as are Engadget's, Techcrunch's and Wired's (spoiler: it's an iPhone 4!). But if you want to save any of those all-important legacy voicemails during the setup process, be sure to rea...

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Verizon confirms iPhone pre-orders for 3 AM on February 3

Verizon is sending out emails to its customers confirming the details on the iPhone 4 pre-order. As rumored, pre-orders will begin promptly at 3 AM on February 3 for existing Verizon customers. The email points customers to an ordering page that is not yet available. The official iPhone page on Ver...

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Verizon iPhone preorders will start at 3 AM February 3

MacRumors received an email from Verizon saying that the carrier will begin its preorder sales of the iPhone at 3 AM EST on February 3, just over a week from now. The February 3 preorder date is just for current Verizon Wireless customers who have their My Verizon account set up. Preorders are li...

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Official Star Wars shop selling R2-D2 case for iPhone

As a big Star Wars fan, I followed all of the news out of the Star Wars Celebration event last weekend, but this might be my favorite. The official online Star Wars shop has begun selling its very own iPhone case, which as you can see above, will dress up your favorite smartphone as a not-quite-as-...

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Parrot AR.Drone now available for pre-order at Brookstone

Good news, everyone! The long-awaited Parrot AR.Drone (as seen being crashed into one of Parrot's PR reps by yours truly) is finally available for pre-order over at Brookstone. And as promised back at E3, the iPhone-controlled quadricopter will be available for US $299. It's available in a coupl...

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Talkcast tonight: iPhone 4 preorder and more!

As per tradition, we'll be digitally gathering this evening for the Talkcast. Hosting tonight will be handled by me, unofficial Mistress of the unofficial Aftershow. This week's topics include the iPhone 4 preorder snafu-age, the 10.6.4 system update, the impending iOS 4 release, and iPad/Mac securi...

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