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Best Buy stops iPhone 4 pre-orders

If you're thinking you can overcome AT&T's move to stop taking iPhone 4 pre-orders by power-walking over to Best Buy to get your pre-order on before anyone notices: not so fast. Following AT&T's move, Best Buy pulled a big ol' "me too" today and, according to their iPhone 4 FAQ page, a...

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US Apple Store now showing July 2 ship date for new iPhone 4 preorders

We admit it: due to an editing mixup, our earlier post wasn't all the way accurate at first. While AT&T's preorder allocation for launch day (June 24) was all done, Apple was still cruising along. iPhone 4 for all! For... about four hours. As of a few minutes ago, with some intermittent switc...

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The Apple Store is down -- and back up. iPhone pre-orders available now!

If the tsunami of e-mail we just got is anything to go by, it appears the online Apple Store may be down. (Checking: yes, it's down.) Since the store is down overnight on a weekday, that's a pretty good indicator that it's not just down for maintenance. With iPhone 4 pre-orders set to take place som...

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iPhone 4 preorders start tomorrow, but when exactly?

Update: Preorders are live! The emails haunt our sleep. Plaintive in tone, they ask the same question... and they just. Keep. Coming. When? they ask. Do I have to stay up late, or get up early? The anxiety, the tension. When? When? For the iPad launch preorder kickoff, we asked on your behalf ...

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iPad descends upon 9 countries on May 28

Earlier this morning we noted that the iPad will be made available in Australia on May 28th. Fortunately for other international shoppers, Apple's announcement wasn't restricted to Australia. In fact, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK will all have iPads available ...

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Checking in from Samana Bay, Dominican Republic, aboard the M/S Regatta

It seems that a lot of Apple-related events happen while I'm on cruise ships. Back in 1998, for example, I was aboard a cruise ship when I read the headline that Apple had decided to drop the Newton MessagePad. Before we went on this trip, I knew that Apple would start taking iPad pre-orders and res...

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