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Prepare a perfectly timed presentation with Video Pitch

If you've ever had to give a timed presentation, be it for educational or professional purposes, you probably know how difficult it is to rehearse and get all of your points across in exactly the right amount of time. Video Pitch wants to give you a helping hand. This iPad app allows you to set a...

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Haiku Deck extends on-the-go presentations to iPhone

As noted here on TUAW before, the presentation tool Haiku Deck (available as an iPad app and as a beta web app) makes the chore of building out a visually compelling, effective deck for your product or story as easy as it can be. In fact, Haiku Deck's CEO Adam Tratt told me that the spark for the co...

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Steve's 'One More Things' all in one video

Steve Jobs' "One More Thing" pronouncements made for some of the most memorable and fun moments of the various Apple events he hosted over the years. Near the end of each show, he would usually pull out a "I've got one more thing to share with you" reveal, and it would always be something not n...

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Moxtra app for iPad gives you binders full of shareable content

In the ultra-cloud, post-PC era, we do not lack for ways to share our stuff. Got a presentation deck to show? You can go full-on web meeting with Webex, GoToMeeting, or Fuze Meeting; to create the content and share it smoothly, Slideshare or Sliderocket will serve, as would either Googl...

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Send Keynote presenter notes to Evernote with AppleScript

We've all been there before. You've prepared a Keynote presentation on the Internet phenomenon of cat videos for your local Mac user group. You've finished editing your slides. You've added presenter notes. Next, you want to extract the notes from your slides and bring them into Evernote so you ca...

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Friday Favorite: Haiku Deck for iPad concocts instant presentations

If long-suffering Dunkin' Donuts franchise owner Fred the Baker had decided to get an office job, chances are his early morning grumble would have been "Time to make the PowerPoint." Doing decks is part of every organization, from the military to not-for-profits to businesses of all sizes; even...

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SonicPics lets you easily create narrated slideshows on iOS

SonicPics is an intriguing US $2.99 app that allows you to make a slide presentation and then narrate it, all on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. That's quite a lot of functionality that usually takes a lot more hardware. Take your photos off your camera roll and select them inside SonicPics. G...

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Apple to present at Black Hat conference

This Thursday, Apple is poised to do something its never done before --- give a formal presentation at the Black Hat security conference. According to Bloomberg, Dallas De Atley of Apple's platform security team will give a presentation on iOS security to the hackers in attendance. This isn't...

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Dissecting an Apple keynote

Are you enthusiastic about Apple's Keynote app for the Mac and wonder what new features Apple may roll into a future version of the App? If you answered yes, then you need to check out this post from Les Posen that was noticed by MacSparky. The presentation expert examined Apple's recent WWDC 2...

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Idea Flight harnesses multiple iPads for presentation mojo

What could be more engaging than presenting from your iPad to a roomful of seen-it-all colleagues or clients? Sure, it's keen and different, but when you come down to it, slides are slides. Pushing up involvement by distributing printed copies of the deck is one way to level up the amount of infor...

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Present PDFs with style using PDF to Keynote

So, your boss just dropped a 25-page PDF document into your lap for a presentation he is doing today using Keynote for iPad. In typical fashion, he needed it done yesterday, but is handing it to you now for a presentation he is doing in a little over an hour. He utters the obligatory apology for the...

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The Matrix app turns iPads into a video wall

I spoke with someone from Anywise Enterprises at CES this past year, and they told me about The Matrix, an iPad app (that's now out on the App Store) that will network a bunch of iPads together to create a video wall of whatever size you want. We've seen this idea custom implemented in art installa...

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Papershow for Teachers introduced at Macworld 2011

Papershow made a big splash last year at Macworld during its introduction, and since then has apparently sold fairly well in business circles (the product is now being sold in Staples as well). This year, Papershow is introducing a new edition styled for education applications, called Papershow f...

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SlideRocket brings web presentations to iPhone and iPad with HTML5

Since the dawn of time, traveling professionals have sought easier ways to present on the go. Pico projectors! Netbooks! Converting presentations to video to show them on iPhones! Then there was Keynote on the iPad, and it was good. Not great, however: presenters with libraries of PPT content have h...

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First look: Fuze Meeting extends remote presentation mojo to iPad

Modern meetings are a marvel. With strong competition in the remote presentation/conferencing product space, we now have plenty of capable and feature-rich platforms that offer affordable (sometimes free) remote meetings, most with a good Mac compatibility story to tell. The catch, of course, i...

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