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Apple iPad Air 2 and Retina iMac event now available for on-demand viewing

Apple just wrapped up its October press event, which saw the unveiling several new products including the iPad Air 2 and the Retina iMac. If you missed the original broadcast, you can now watch a rebroadcast of the full event on Apple's dedicated Events page. The on demand stream also can be found...

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Apple sends out invitations for October 16 event

Apple today sent out invitations for an upcoming event to be held on October 16th in the company's Cupertino Town Hall Auditorium. The show will begin at 10 AM Pacific. Apple likely will use the event to unveil its next generation iPad lineup and announce the release date for OS X Yosemite. The co...

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Watch today's Apple event on Apple TV

Apple has added its Events channel to the Apple TV ahead of today's press event. The channel appears before each major event and is dedicated to streaming the presentation live. It will remain on the Apple TV for a short time after the event for on-demand viewing of the announcement. The Events...

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Invitations go out for Apple's October 22 press event

As expected, Apple is sending out invitations to a press event that'll be held on October 22. Though the invites don't reveal the topic for the event, rumors suggest the Cupertino company is preparing to unveil new iPads and new MacBook Pro models. We also expect to get a final launch date for OS ...

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Graph shows the tweets per minute during Apple's March 7 event

Twitter crunched the numbers and created a graph that shows the number of tweets per minute during yesterday's Apple press event. The tweets peak at over 10K per minute when Cook introduced the cost of the iPad, fell during the app demonstrations and climbed up to 8K when Cook announced the iPad 2...

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Tim Cook's "time to shine" with new iPhone announcement

Tomorrow is a big day for Apple fans around the world, it's also a big day for Apple CEO Tim Cook. Cook is expected to introduce the next generation iPhone. Apple's first high-profile announcement since WWDC and Cook's first as CEO. Cook is highly regarded as an expert in operations and supply ...

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Apple officially announces iPhone event for Oct. 4

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has received an invitation from Apple (pictured below) for a press event to announce the new iPhone. It will occur on October 4 at Apple's campus in Cupertino, starting at 10:00 AM PT. Please note that Apple's typically terse invitation simply says "iPhone." No "5," ...

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Apple October press event reportedly to be held on campus

In the past, Apple has held its major press events at the Yerba Buena center in San Francisco. All the iPhone and the iPad announcements were held in this venue. According to a report from AllThingsD, Apple's may buck this trend and hold its rumored October iPhone announcement at its Cupertino ca...

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Apple rumored to hold press event on Sept. 7 (Updated)

Update: The Loop's Jim Dalrymple says this isn't happening. Frankly, we at TUAW are more inclined to believe Jim than some hit-or-miss random site who has "been right in the past" -- a distant past. As always, we'll let you know when real invites are sent out to a real event. Apple typically hol...

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Apple 'Back to the Mac' media event on October 20

The word is out: Apple is hosting a media event on Wednesday, October 20th. The invitation features a a big cat -- looks like a lion to us, which means if you had "Mac OS X 10.7 Lion" in the betting pool, congratulations -- peeking out from behind a metallic Apple logo and the phrase, "Back to th...

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Apple updates the iPod shuffle

At today's press event, Steve Jobs announced a full revamp of the iPod line. The new iPod shuffle is smaller than the 2nd generation device and brings back something that many users missed with the previous model. Specifically, buttons! The new shuffle has a familiar-looking click wheel on the sm...

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A study of 17 Apple press invitations

Reporting for Fortune, Philip Elmer-DeWitt reiterates Dan Frommer's question: "Is Apple really going to announce a TV gadget at an event with a guitar on the invitation?" It's a legitimate question, as Apple's press events have the power to move AAPL's price. When rumors become expectations that ult...

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Bloomberg: Apple press event on Sept. 7

Yesterday, Bloomberg published a story about Apple's alleged plan to rent television shows through iTunes and, we assume, the Apple TV. The cost would be US$0.99, which is half off the purchase price of $1.99. Bloomberg also mentioned that Apple will hold a press event on September 7th. That's li...

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TUAW Talkcast tonight at 10 PM ET - Let's all sing The iPhone 4 Antenna Song

It's the second day after the Apple press event, and there's still a lot of buzz in the air about the press conference and its outcome. While we'll probably skip on singing The iPhone 4 Antenna Song for you tonight, we'll have plenty to talk about on tonight's episode of the TUAW Talkcast. As usu...

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Rumor: Apple TV news on Sept. 9

The rumors are flying around the upcoming Apple press event like bees in a clover field; bees goaded on by Piper Jaffray's Senior Research Analyst, Gene Munster. On Monday, he suggested that the iPhone will be on multiple carriers in the US by next year. Yesterday, he predicted that Steve Jobs hi...

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