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Apple is offering existing iCloud users a partial refund after price drop

On the heels of Apple's new pricing for iCloud storage, existing iCloud users have begun receiving emails announcing they have received an upgrade and refunded to put them in line with new customers. Users who were on the 20GB plan saw their cost drop from $40 a year to $11.99. Apple is refunding ...

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Best Buy offers iPhone 4 for $50 with 2-year contract

If you're looking for an iPhone 4 on the cheap for the kids, for your elderly parents, or for yourself, head on over to your local Best Buy store. They're now offering the 8 GB iPhone 4 for US$49.99 with a new two-year contract. The discount, which appears to be permanent and not just a tempo...

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AT&T slashes prices of first-gen 3G iPads

Pricey iPad 2s may be showing up in online auctions, but for those of you who just want to get an iPad for web surfing or downloading apps, original iPad Wi-Fi+3G models just had their prices slashed at AT&T. Original iPad Wi-Fi+3G models sold through AT&T have now dropped to US$429 for...

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Apple TV: What happens now?

As Steve Sande has reported, Apple has discontinued the 40 GB Apple TV unit, and dropped the 160 GB unit U.S. $100.00. The large capacity set top box now sells for $229.00, the price that the now-eliminated 40 GB unit used to sell for. Apple has continuously referred to the Apple TV unit as a 'ho...

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Dinner and a movie or... an iPhone?

It was inevitable. One day the iPhone was going to turn into an impulse purchase. In two short years we've gone from the iPhone as a serious $500 commitment to a grab no more expensive than dinner and a movie. The AT&T store now has a refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G for $79, with free two-day shipping...

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Apple Store down on a Sunday?

Well, that's unusual. Price drops? New gear? Regular maintenance? We'll know soon enough. Back up now... no visible changes reported and the main difference appears to be an enhanced UI for the shopping cart screen. Before & after pics below (thanks Joachim). Old cart UI: New cart UI: Thanks...

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Nokia and Apple both target price drop searchers (Updated)

In among all of the furor about the big iPhone price drop yesterday, there is, of course, marketers trying to ply both sides. Nokia was first with the Google ad you see above, in the results page for "iphone price drop"-- they called out early adopters and tried to lure them to something called Mo...

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Apple on track to sell one millionth iPhone by end of September

I think this iPhone thing is going to catch on. Apple has stated, in a press release about the iPhone price drop, that they are on track for selling 1 million iPhones by the end of this month. This is not a shock as we knew they were selling well, but hopefully this means that pundits won't try and...

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