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Corona introduces an SDK starter, will raise Pro price to $599

Unity is probably the most popular tool for cross-platform development out there right now -- last week at GDC, I heard a lot from developers of all sizes about Unity and how it was helping them to build games for iOS and other platforms. But Corona also has a following out there. It's a Softwa...

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Report: 35 percent of paid apps dropped prices in 2012

Apple Sliced is a site that keeps watch on App Store prices, and they've just released a year-end report on how much app prices fluctuated over the whole of 2012. Overall, says Apple Sliced, 35 percent of paid apps on the store ended up dropping their prices at some point last year, which is a ...

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Samsung denies rumor of increased cost of chip production

Word's been going around that due to the recent friction between Apple and Samsung on the end product front, Samsung has decided to charge Apple even more for another one of its businesses: The chip assembly line. Apple depends on Samsung to make a few different components for its devices, and ...

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Square Enix considers dropping iOS prices

The Casual Connect gaming conference is going on in Kiev, Ukraine this week, and while there, Square Enix's General Manager of Mobile for Europe Antony Douglas expressed that his company is considering lowering its prices on iOS. By itself, that's not a very surprising notion: Most companies th...

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Waze adds gas prices to its consumer-powered traffic app

Waze is a socially-driven traffic app that we've posted about before. Today, the company has released a big update: Gas prices. Now, in addition to browsing socially-driven information about traffic, accidents, and speed traps, you can search your area for the cheapest prices and get directions...

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iPad prevents seafood restaurant from overcharging

Thanks to the iPad, travelers in Sanya, a seaside resort town in Southern China, won't have to worry about paying too much for their seafood, says a report in China Daily. After an increasing number of complaints about excessive charges at local restaurants, government officials tried to curb t...

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Tons of apps on sale to kick off Memorial Day weekend

It seems like it's been a while since we had a big holiday weekend full of app sales, but the wait is over: Memorial Day is coming up in just a few days, and app developers are bringing down prices all over the store to celebrate! EA's got most of its games on sale for just 99 cents, inclu...

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Apple, Microsoft asked to explain pricing to Australian government

Apple and Microsoft are among a few tech companies going before the Australian Parliament this week, asked to explain what many are seeing as price gouging in the Australian market. Here in the US, for example, Apple's Mac OS X Server 10.6 sells for $499, but in Australia, the same software sel...

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Daily iPhone App: Another World

Yep, it's out -- Another World has finally made it to iOS, in a special anniversary edition celebrating the game's 1991 debut. The game features completely remade graphics, sounds and effects, and you can switch between the original graphics and updated HD display at any time. There are now thr...

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Refurbished iPads now just $299

Apple's got a new price on a refurbished iPad (that's an iPad 1, not the latest 2), and it's likely the lowest official price you'll ever pay for the tablet. $299 is the new magic number, for a 16 GB iPad Wi-Fi. Of course, that presumes that the unit will come back into stock, but it likely wil...

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Australia fights with Apple on pricing

Apple apparently hasn't answered back the Australian government just yet about its query this week on pricing for both apps and hardware. The Australian Parliament, including Labor Minister Ed Husic, has been knocking on Apple's door trying to figure out why the company charges more for its pro...

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AAPL hits all-time record high

Perhaps because of optimistic analysis going into tomorrow's conference call, Apple's stock price has hit an all-time high today. While the Dow Jones average was down overall, AAPL rose $6 at one point, hitting $371.06 as a high. That's huge -- bigger a stock price than it's ever been before. ...

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Research shows Apple customers buy more apps, pay more for them

A new report by analyst Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray says that not only are Apple users buying more apps this year than in previous years, but they're also generally paying more for them. The average iPhone user will buy 83 apps in 2011, according to Munster's research, which is 61% more than ...

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AAPL shares survive rebalancing on Nasdaq today

Last month the stock index Nasdaq announced that it would be rebalancing the weighting of AAPL shares to better reflect the actual number of shares floating on the market. At the time, AAPL accounted for 20.5 percent of the Nasdaq. After the rebalancing today, AAPL now accounts only for 12.5 pe...

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Distimo finds higher prices, slower growth in the Mac App Store

Distimo has released its latest publication, containing an overview of the various app stores currently running, and the findings about the Mac App Store are quite interesting. While Apple's newest App Store is not quite up to the speed of the mobile platform, it's growing quickly -- the averag...

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