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Steve Jobs subject of new children's book

The Loop spotted a new book over at Amazon called "Who Was Steve Jobs?" that appears to be a children's book, of all things. It's part of a series of books designed to tell kids about famous historical figures and why they're so admired or well-known. Looking inside the book shows that it tal...

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iPhone 101: Hacks Vocabulary Primer

We here at TUAW are always on the lookout to help you, our dear readers, understand what is going on in the crazy world of Apple related technology. The biggest news, as of late, has been the continued efforts to hack the iPhone. A rich language has developed around the iPhone hacking community, and...

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Engadget begins iPhone litigation crash course series: part 1 - trademarks

The litigation biz is a messy and complex one, which is why I'm thankful Engadget has rounded up law student members from the Columbia Science & Technology Law Review for a primer series covering the ins and outs of the potentially ensuing Apple/Cisco litigation. This first part covers trademark...

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Found Footage: Trash Talk

I found this OS X trash primer over at YouTube in the new video listings. For many of you readers this is going to be old news--how to throw away locked or busy files--but for those of you who are new to OS X and the Macintosh, you may appreciate the basic how-to steps that the video offers. You ...

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Shell scripting primer

Apple has a nice document on the ADC (thats Apple Developer Connection) that gives you a good overview of shell scripting. The Shell Scripting Primer, as it is called is available online and in PDF format. If you are interested in getting a peek under the hood of your Mac, or you think you are ready...

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