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New Apple Store to appear near Princeton University

Matriculating students at Princeton won't have to travel very far to get their Apple fix. According to ifoAppleStore, Apple is preparing to open an Apple Store at the nearby Quaker Bridge Mall later this year. A job listing for a "Princeton" location and tips sent to ifoAppleStore suggest the n...

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iPhone camera being used for traffic light testing

A group of researchers at MIT and Princeton University are testing to figure out how to best save fuel when stopping and re-starting cars at traffic lights, and they're using the iPhone to do so. The smartphone is mounted on the car's dashboard, and uses the camera and GPS information in a syst...

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Princeton, Cornell, George Washington University and the iPad

There have been several stories published recently, both on the web and in print, about ivy league schools banning iPads. Fortunately for students, they aren't true. Philip Elmer-DeWitt points out an article by Steve Wildstrom that explains what happened. Princeton's Office of Information Technol...

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Ivy Leaguers asked to lay off the iPad

No iPads for the Tigers. Princeton University's Office of Information Technology is asking students to please stop using Apple's latest wonder gadget on the campus wireless network. According to the OIT, the issue is as follows: "Network monitoring has shown that many iPad devices are causing a p...

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Princeton students get free tunes that won't play on iPods

Princeton has made a deal with Virginia-based Ruckus to provide free music to all their undergraduate students. Ruckus, which has licensed 1.5 million tracks from various music labels, provides unlimited access to their library apparently in exchange for advertising to a captive audience. Unfortuna...

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45% of computers purchased at Princeton this year were Macs

I've often said that the children are our future and it looks like Princeton students share my vision of the future. This year, reports the Daily Princetonian, 45% of all computers purchased by students were Macs. This is an all time high for Princeton (2003 saw 15% of students buying a Mac, and it ...

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PLOrk: Princeton Laptop Orchestra

I just sat down to read this month's issue of Wired and imagine my delight when I read a little blurb about PLOrk (also known as the Princeton Laptop Orchestra). PLOrk consists of 15 students that each have a Powerbook hooked up to a speaker and an array of wacky input devices. The students use the ...

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