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Today is the last day to order iPhoto book's before Christmas

If you wanted to order a book of your photos through iPhoto this holiday season, today is the last day to so before the cut off. Customers who purchase a iPhoto book today, December 17, will need to pay express shipping in order to get their book by the 24. Users can create bound books, calend...

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Forget the standard print dialog: ClarusX2014 is changing orientation one print dialog at a time

Recently, Apple marked a major Mac anniversary. Celebrate the next 30 years of Macintosh by ditching this guy and replace him with a classic Clarus in your print dialog. Roby Sherman's ClarusX2014 offers a full rewrite of ClarusX2005, escorting dogcattle into the age of Mavericks. It provides an ...

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Friday Favorite: Yet another reason to love Printopia

I'm a huge fan of Ecamm's Printopia utility. For just 20 bucks, it enables you to print from iOS to any printer connected to your Mac. You don't need to buy a high-priced AirPlay-enabled system. I'm running Printopia with an old piece-of-junk Brother laser printer that is older than some of my kid...

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Kicksend lets you order photo prints instantly from CVS, Walgreens and more

There's probably not many people reading this who don't like sharing photos with family and friends. We do it through email, through Facebook, through Twitter. But many still like receiving photos the old-fashioned way -- in print. If you're one of those people, or if you know people who prefer pr...

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Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs bio among Amazon's best books of 2011

It's only been out less than a month and Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs has already made its way onto Amazon's Best Books of 2011 list. The biography is number eight in the Top 10 Editor's picks for 2011 and is number one in the best Biographies & Memoirs of 2011 category, both for...

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Gourmet Live now available for iPhone

Gourmet Magazine closed shop a few years ago and has lived on through its Gourmet Live app for the iPad. A little less than a year after its iPad app debuted, the company rolled out an iPhone version. Both the iPhone and iPad app lets you browse recipes and read articles from their large collec...

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Pocket God comics out now for iPad, coming soon to stores

From iPhone app ... to comic book? That's where Pocket God is apparently headed. The extremely popular iPhone app has "inked" a deal to release a set of comics based on the little islanders. The books will be available on the App Store first, in virtual form, and they will eventually take the form ...

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Reading a book is faster than reading an iBook

A study conducted by usability consultant Jakob Nielsen claims that reading on e-book readers like the iPad and the Kindle still doesn't match up to the reading speed of good old printed paper. The test chose 32 people (admittedly a small sample, but one that was felt to be representative of an e-re...

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Gourmet magazine to return as iPad app

There's been a lot of talk about the iPad saving print, but in this case it might actually happen. Gourmet magazine closed up shop late last year, but the publisher is getting ready to bring the mag back -- as an iPad app called Gourmet Live. The app will be free (with a few options for in-app payme...

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Mac 101: Checking in on CUPS

More Mac 101, tips and tricks for new Mac users. Ever wonder how your documents go from screen pixels to paper printouts? CUPS is the open source printing system that powers Mac OS X output, built for a variety of UNIX systems and now developed (or at least assimilated) by Apple. It provides p...

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Twenty iPad apps you'll want to see

The App Store is live and running with iPad apps right now -- you can download and buy any iPad apps you want, even though most of them are technically "embargoed" until tomorrow morning. There's a lot of amazing stuff out there, but we'll try to focus you as best we can. Here's twenty apps that yo...

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Random House leery of iPad over pricing concerns

We've heard that Apple is still trying to hammer down multimedia content, but print may not be in the bag just yet. Random House is apparently applying some last minute pressure to Apple, since the company says that it's not quite sure about how pricing will work on the iPad. Apple's offer is that ...

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Five customized Automator services to help save you time

One gem in Mac OS X that sometimes gets glanced over is the Services menu. Lots of readers may not know yet that Snow Leopard brought with it the ability to create your own customized service in Automator -- in other words, you can get additional selections on a contextual menu when right-clicking ...

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First Look: Breaking the print / sign / fax cycle with Zosh for iPhone

Does this scenario sound familiar? You're out of town or away from your office, and you get a call from a client. They need for you to fill out and sign a contract, and then return it to them as quickly as possible. Right now, you'd probably pull out your laptop, pull up the email with the cont...

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Mac 101: How to set a default printer

Over time you may wind up with several printers set up for your Mac. This results in a list of available printers every time you go to print. If the default (the first one selected) isn't to your liking you can always change it. To do so, bring up System Preferences and go to Print & Fax. Now ...

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