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Send a message that's impossible to screenshot with Zeph

While Snapchat popularized the idea of sending photos that disappear after a quick view, sometimes you might need to just send a quick message to someone without a visual that you don't want the receiver holding on to. Enter Zeph. A free app for iPhone requiring iOS 7.0 or later, Zeph has pioneere...

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Gliph launches new Cloaked Email service that'll hide your real email address from prying eyes

Gliph, an online and mobile service that lets you send text messages anonymously, has expanded its offerings to include a new Cloaked Email service. As its name implies, Cloaked Email lets you hide your real email address when you send and receive email from someone that you don't know. It's a ...

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Givit makes private video sharing from iOS quick and easy

There are plenty of video sharing services online these days -- from the enormously popular YouTube to Apple's own video integration with Twitter, it's quite easy for almost anyone to upload and share video with the public. But Givit's CEO Greg Kostello, who previously worked for both Apple and...

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Mac 101: 7 tips for Data Privacy Day 2009

Today is Data Privacy Day, a global initiative to highlight information security rights and practices, especially among teens, professionals, corporations, and the government. As part of the celebration, TUAW (along with our sister blog Download Squad) has seven good ideas for you about how to keep...

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Safari AppleScript to enable Private Browsing, mount temporary download disk image

Now that we know how to enable the AppleScript menubar item, it's time to give Safari some AppleScript-enabled privacy features. For all those times when you need to enable Private Browsing and 'private downloading' in Safari, a macosxhints reader has posted an AppleScript with setup instructions th...

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