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Tag: producer

Voice Jam Studio offers professional vocal looping, effects

Voice Jam Studio is a powerful vocal recorder for iPad with dozens of professional effects, looping, fine tuning and even video recording so you're able to produce high quality audio and get creative with the process. The app includes four tracks to record your loops and layer them, plus other ad...

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GDC 2010: Interview with Street Fighter IV producer Takeshi Tazuka

We stopped by the Capcom Fight Club party here at GDC 2010 last night, and in addition to playing the new game, we also got to talk to producer Takeshi Tazuka. Actually, we got to talk to his translator -- Tazuka only speaks Japanese, and I only speak English, so the interview was done with a middl...

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GDC 2010: Ngmoco justifies the freemium model

We have a lot of questions for the company, and we'll be asking even more of them coming later this week. But first things first: we cornered Ngmoco producer Allen Ma here in their suite at GDC 2010 and asked him to try and tell us why Ngmoco is so insistent on "freemium," and how they feel about so...

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Namco's iPhone division considering... Tekken?

Actually, I'd play that. Namco recently announced that they were forming an Apple Games division to head up game development for Apple platforms like the iPhone, and in this interview, a producer for them who used to work for Apple says that they're excited to work on bringing great games to the h...

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Sega producer talks about Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone

You'll remember that one of the game demos on the iPhone SDK was Sega's Super Monkey Ball franchise -- Spore got all the headlines, but Sega did show up with a pretty nice port of a game that could do very well on the iPhone. And when producer Ethan Einhorn sat down to talk to GameCyte about the por...

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