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Apple product placement in Netflix's House of Cards

Placement of Apple products in TV shows and movies is usually a subtle way for the company to insert its product line into the psyche of the viewing public. Engadget's Sharif Sakr thinks that Apple and the people behind Netflix's streaming series House of Cards may have gone a bit too far with ...

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Apple movie/TV product placement is on the rise

Does it seem like every TV show or movie you've watched recently has a MacBook, iPad, or iPhone in it? There's a reason for that; the cool factor of Apple's product line is resulting in more placements of its products on the big and little screens. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Apple prod...

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Apple TV / film product placement down, but still ahead of competition

Maybe it's because I am both a fan and a loyal customer, but I do tend to notice how often Apple products pop up everywhere as the de facto computers on TV and on the big screen. According to a report by AppleInsider, Apple doesn't even pay for that product placement, yet 30 percent of the top mov...

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Carrie Bradshaw: a Mac no longer

Say it ain't so, Carrie! Our friend Christina Warren reports over at Mashable that the second Sex and the City film is featuring product placements from Hewlett-Packard rather than from Apple, including an entire site dedicated to the movie. As Christina points out, Carrie's Mac was practi...

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"Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" uses Macs to solve mysteries

If you happen to have gotten caught up in the phenomenon known as the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, then you know that the computer of choice for these world-class computer genius hackers is made by Apple. I screened the film version of the story, and MacBook Pros are visible throughout as the the t...

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iPhone is first smartphone to visit alien mothership, gets reception

Good news folks. When the aliens arrive our iPhones will work on their ships, at least according to the new V television series [iTunes link]. The iPhone has been seen twice on the show so far, both times being toted by the human traitor Tyler Evans, the second time when Tyler flies on up to the ...

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Top Chef challenge winner gets MacBook Pro

If you're a fan of Bravo's Top Chef and you haven't watched last night's episode yet, I won't spoil it by telling you who won the challenge and who got eliminated. I will tell you, however, that the elimination winner received a MacBook Pro 17" as the award for the best performance in the challenge....

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Stewie Griffin: Mac user

Last night on Fox's Family Guy, Stewie had a little fun with his Mac. While practicing for the Olympics, his brother Chris interrupted his "training" (don't ask). Stewie responded by knocking Chris unconscious with a book, and using his motionless body as a landing platform for his pole va...

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Washington Post on Apple and product placement

The Washington Post has an interesting article about all the 'free' product placement Apple has apparently received in TV shows and movies in recent years. The article states that Apple doesn't pay for all that publicity, but the company won't discuss how their products end up helping CSIs track dow...

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