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Epic's most profitable game is Infinity Blade for iOS

And here's why we're going to continue seeing AAA games makers getting involved in Apple's iOS platform: Epic Games reports that Infinity Blade, which has earned over $30 million in the past 18 months, is by far the company's most profitable title, "in terms of man-years invested versus revenue...

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Dev survey: 59% of app devs not breaking even

A marketing firm named App Promo has released some data on a developer survey it took, asking over 100 developers about how they were doing with selling and marketing their apps. Of those developers asked, over 59% told App Promo that they weren't even breaking even on the App Store. And a full...

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Sprint: iPhone customers are "more profitable" than others

In an interview with Mobile World Live, Sprint's CEO Dan Hesse says that iPhone users are some of the best cellphone users to have around. Not only are iPhone customers "more profitable" (in that they just plain spend more money, given the price of the iPhone itself), but Hesse says iPhone us...

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Found Footage: Box.net's iPad kickoff at D7 Consulting

A little while ago, I told you that Box.net had brought their iPads out here to California in order to give them away to D7 Consulting (originally given away thanks to a post here on TUAW). They also had a video team on site, and they've produced this little video that will show you what D7 is up...

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