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Sony waives its publishing fee; Would Apple ever do the same?

Video-game maker Sony has been making a big push for independent developers lately, both on its handheld PS Vita system and on its upcoming PlayStation 4 console, and yesterday, the company took another big step. Sony has decided to waive its usual US$99 fee for PlayStation Mobile developers, me...

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Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD available for free through new Free Play program

Touch Arcade blogs about iOS games, and they've just announced Free Play, which will periodically feature selected iOS games for free. There are quite a few programs like this around, of which Free App a Day is probably the most popular. But a lot of those programs do things such as charge deve...

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Dark Meadow devs' next title is Horn

Phosphor Games' Dark Meadow made a big splash when it arrived on iOS last year, offering up a unique (and somewhat scary) experience on Apple's platform, with some excellent graphics and storytelling for a mobile title. Now that studio is following up with a second game, called Horn, as profile...

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Ron Johnson, former Apple retail chief, rebuilding Apple staff at JC Penney

Ron Johnson left Apple as head of retail at the beginning of this month to run J.C. Penney, and apparently he's wasting no time rebuilding an Apple-style shop over there. The Wall Street Journal reports that he's aiming to bring both former Apple executives Daniel Walker and Michael Kramer on t...

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Apple donates iPads for Oregon pilot program to help the disabled vote

Apple has donated some iPads to Oregon for use in a pilot program to deliver votes with Apple's magical tablet. A new movement to reach disabled and home-bound voters will head out to nursing homes and other places, armed with iPads, and then use those devices to record and register votes in ad...

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Apple files trademark for "Startup" retail store program

Apple has filed a new application for a trademark on the word "Startup," centering around the category of "[r]etail store services featuring computers, computer software, computer peripherals, mobile phones, and consumer electronic devices, and demonstration of products relating thereto." Presu...

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Analyst: Apple's Bumper case program a win-win for customers and shareholders

Analyst Shaw Wu with Kaufman Bros. says that, while Apple is likely taking a hit by giving away free cases and bumpers to iPhone 4 buyers (and the company is even extending the offer after the deadline to anyone who calls AppleCare), the program will likely be a win in the long run. Obviously, cust...

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Reminder: Get your free iPhone case by September 30th

Apple's iPhone 4 case program page reminds you that if you haven't jumped on the free case they're offering for the Antennagate issue, you're running out of time. The free case program will expire on September 30th, so if you haven't yet, run on over there, download the app to your iPhone, and choo...

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Report: Apple developing exclusive iTunes purchase tracking for iAds

TechCrunch has the word that Apple may be implementing a "VIP" ad program within its upcoming iAd service. An email reportedly sent from a Quattro sales representative mentions a "Verification of iTunes Purchase" program, in which an advertiser for a certain app would be able to see his or her user...

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iAds could make a billion dollars, help Google make their deal

There's not a lot of details out about Apple's upcoming mobile advertising program, iAds, quite yet, but Broadpoint Amtech is already convinced it's a moneymaker. Analysts there say that the program could generate a whopping US$4.67 billion in revenue in just one year's time. Of course, that's a hi...

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Sony cuts price of Reader Pocket Edition, tries to duck iPad

Even amateur prognosticators could have seen this one coming on the day that the iPad was announced. With Apple's hardware being so pretty and so full of excellent features, the only way any e-reader competitors could ever hope to beat them was with price. That's exactly what Sony is doing with thei...

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Report: RIAA pressured Apple into creating iTunes LP

This feature over at GigaOM has quite a few interesting insights about the iTunes LP program -- while Apple sells it wholeheartedly as "the visual experience of the record album," it appears the story behind the story is not quite so clean. According to an anonymous source in the industry (note, n...

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iSimulate brings iPhone apps to the big screen

Apple's iPhone simulator built into Xcode is nice, but it doesn't completely replicate the actual feel of playing with an iPhone (not to mention that things like multitouch and accelerometer info can't be tested on screen). Enter iSimulate, a new app from a company called vimov. In conjunction with...

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Guide to becoming a Certified Mac Professional

If your love of Apple's products is evolving into a desire to work for or with them to some degree, has a nice roundup of the various Apple certifications one can earn, ranging from consulting, system administration and even getting trained to train. The individual articles provide nice...

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NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta released with Early Access Program

NeoOffice, everyone's favorite implementation of OpenOffice in java, has released a v.2 beta of their suite with a new and improved Aqua-friendly interface. This new version is based on a recent version of OpenOffice (2.0.3), which includes apps for word processing, databases, spreadsheets, drawing...

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