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Daily iPhone App: Earn to Die lets you upgrade cars, kill zombies

I'm spending the first part of this week in France working on judging for the International Mobile Gaming Awards, along with a whole crew of other app writers and professionals. As usually happens whenever a bunch of app fans get together, we've been talking about our favorite games, and even r...

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Daily iPad App: Puzzle Craft is puzzle farming bliss

I came to a realization a little while ago: I love grindy games. I really enjoy games with a certain amount of repetition to them, games where I slowly but steadily build up resources and a character (or an empire) while performing somewhat mindless but infinitely amusing tasks. Puzzle Craft fi...

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TUAW's Daily App: Max Adventure

Max Adventure has been quite a while in the making. I first saw it at 360iDev earlier this year, and then again at WWDC, where we met up with the husband-and-wife team of Imangi Studios to talk about how it was coming along during development. You may have also seen this video of a level being made...

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