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Tag: project management

Everything cool about Curio just got better

Curio, one of my long-time favorite brainstorming and project management applications, has received a massive update with version 8. If you've never seen Curio, it's a highly visual environment for collecting information, lists, mind maps, websites, PDFs, emails and much more into organized pro...

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The Omni Group releases OmniPlan for iPad

Business users will be happy to know that OmniPlan from Omni Group is now available for the iPad. The project planning app is the last of OmniGroup's core productivity apps to hit the iOS App Store. As its name suggests, OmniPlan lets you manage your projects on your iPad. The app features a ...

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New Core version of Curio in the Mac App Store

We've mentioned the brainstorming, mind mapping, project managing notebook application Curio a few times before. The full version, Curio Professional, runs US$169.99, and the Standard version is $119.99, and both are well worth it in this blogger's opinion. Today, however, Curio announced a new C...

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FastTrack Schedule 10 for Mac ships this fall from AEC Software

In the mid-1980s I was first earning my stripes as a project manager, and I was fortunate enough to have Apple's MacProject application to help me out. As Microsoft Project began to capture a larger share of the project management software market in the 1990s, Mac users weren't left out in the col...

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First Look: App4Mac Projector

In a previous work experience, I was a project manager for a certain large IT service provider with a three-letter acronym for a name. Part of the reason I left that job to become a self-employed Mac consultant was that the project management tools we used were non-intuitive, slow, and Windows-based...

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Beta Beat: All your projects are belong to Flow

The public beta of Gridiron Flow for Mac has been released, and I have to say I'm blown away. I love Curio for project management and brainstorming, but for the nitty gritty of version management, file collection and project source file relationships I'd just as soon have something magically do th...

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Tags takes organization to a new level

The idea of tagging files as an organization and project management method has been around for some time now, and we've mentioned applications in the past (FileSpot, TagBot, Punakea ... ) which touched on some useful applications for the tagging method. A truly seamless, system-wide implementation, ...

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Friday Favorite: Curio

I've been looking for a project management solution for a long, long time. I've tried everything from homemade systems -- based on folders and Spotlight tagging -- to attempting to bend applications such as Bento to do what I really want: collect my notes, work-in-progress files, communications and ...

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Curio 5.3 is out

I'm currently working on a piece detailing exactly why Zengobi's Curio has become a favorite of mine, especially in the area of project management and brainstorming, but also in general as a truly enjoyable-to-use application. In the meantime, though, I thought I'd better get an announcement out for...

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Manage your projects: iTaskX 2.5

Project managers know two things; first, that they need to keep a close eye on project scheduling and costs, and second, that the PM world revolves around Microsoft Project. Unfortunately for Mac users, Microsoft Project is a Windows-only application, so you either have to run Project in a Windows...

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Project X 1.5 updated: more speed and features

Don't be shocked, but here's some non-iPhone news! Marware's project management application for Mac OS X, Project X, has received a feature and bug fix update. Project X version 1.5 requires Leopard and offers a pile of enhancements over previous versions: New flexible licensing system 60% s...

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Widget Watch: Avalanche - A free Basecamp client for Yahoo! Widgets

Basecamp is a popular and powerful web-based project collaboration and management service from 37signals, makers of other TUAW favorites like Backpack and Highrise. Fortunately, even though Basecamp is web-based, 37signals provides a rich API with which 3rd party developers can make all sorts of ...

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Project Calculator

People seem to enjoy tracking the time they spend on various projects, so it's no surprise that a plethora of project-tracking apps are cropping up. We've mentioned dozens in the past, including iRatchet, iBiz, Billable and even On the Job, but now users have a new choice on the 'simple and strea...

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OmniPlan 1.0 goes official, retires 'beta' tag

You've seen the screenshots, and you've even seen it in beta. Now, and for the first time ever, OmniPlan - the project management app from the makers of OmniOutliner and OmniAnythingElse - has gone officially official. The ultra-hip 'beta' moniker has been put to rest in the back yard in favor of a ...

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Project management app Merlin goes 2.0

Ah, project management on the Mac... one of those application categories where the near-blasphemous suggestion "Why don't you just run MS Project in Parallels and be done with it?" isn't completely and utterly unreasonable. If you've already been down the FastTrack, done the Project X thing and yo...

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