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Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD projector is a powerful iOS companion

When it comes to giving presentations, teaching classes, or even watching videos or photos in a group environment, there's still nothing to replace the traditional PC projector. Sure, there are little pico-projectors out now, but they lack the sheer power and features of the magic black box tha...

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Epson shows off the MegaPlex Digital Dock Projector at Macworld | iWorld 2012

Last week at Macworld | iWorld 2012, the imaging company Epson had set up a large area on the second floor to show off its latest product, the MegaPlex Digital Dock Projector. Epson makes a number of imaging products, including printers and projectors, but this is its first project driven by an iO...

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Epson Megaplex MG-850HD Projector is ready for your iPhone, iPad

Epson has an HD projector that was designed with Apple customers in mind. The MegaPlex MG-850-HD has all the bells and whistles you would normally see on a mid-range projector including HD 720P support, a brightness of 2800 lumens and built-in speakers, but it's the projector's connectivity opt...

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Apple patent roundup: Pico projectors and schematic maps

It's turning out to be a pretty big week for Apple's patent portfolio. Earlier this week the company was granted nearly 20 new patents, and it's just filed for two more eyebrow-raising patents. The first patent, described in detail at Patently Apple, covers so-called "pico" projectors that coul...

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Apple patents hybrid laser projection technology for use in laptops, iPhones, TVs

Every time I write about an Apple patent, I make a point to remind my readers that Apple files patents for a lot of things that never see the light of day in products. With that in mind, Apple has filed one of its coolest patents yet. It's for a hybrid laser projection technology that could be use...

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Microvision runs TV out apps, including Rage HD, on the SHOWWX+ pico projector

Last year at Macworld 2010, I got to see the SHOWWX pico projector in action. Back then it was just a prototype, and the company was still shopping around the technology to try and get a unit into production. MicroVision has released the SHOWWX projector at a unit price of US$299. This year's model...

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Patents aplenty: iPhone radio, fiber optic MagSafe, 3D without glasses

Apple's patent team must be cramming before the end of the year, because this past week we've seen a flood of patent applications come out of Cupertino. First up, Apple has patented a radio system in the iPhone (finally!), allowing you to listen to standard FM and AM broadcasts on the smartphone. T...

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360-degree gaming on a projector-equipped iPhone

Our friends at Joystiq found this one -- it's a jailbroken iPhone hooked up to a picoprojector, with the software using the compass and the accelerometer to determine exactly where the projector is aimed. That brings in a fun augmented reality touch -- you can move the iPhone around real space to...

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Macworld 2010: Hands-on with Microvision's SHOWWX laser pico projector

I'm still skeptical about laser projectors -- while the technology is impressive, the practicality is still a little limited. And unfortunately, Microvision's demo of their SHOWWX projector here at Macworld 2010 didn't do much to change my mind. It's a nice little device -- it's almost exactly the ...

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Macworld Expo: Microvision projector kicks up interest

It's not available for purchase yet, but the tiny Microvision Pico projector on display at Macworld Expo definitely made an impact. The device -- roughly the size and weight of an iPhone -- throws a clear and sharp WVGA (848x480) image across a table or a room onto any light-colored surface. With V...

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DIY iPod video projector

Forget those silly video out ports on your iPod's dock. For some serious video fun, build your own video projector. Instructables member tanntraad built a clever little projection box for his iPod with a mirror and a lens from an old slides projector (remember those?). When the iPod is placed on a ...

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iPod nano + slide viewer = bigger screen

Retro Thing, one of my favorite blogs, points out this clever hack. The iPod nano is great, but that screen is a little small for watching movies. How do you solve that problem? Well, if you have some time, a 35mm slider viewer, and some small speakers you can hack together a solution (as seen in t...

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