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Apps downloaded with a promo code can't be reviewed anymore

Last month, Apple began tweaking its App Store to more accurately rank applications based on criteria besides the number of downloads. Presumably, this new rating system takes into account both app reviews and ratings from customers. To tighten up the reviews and keep them honest, Apple has rep...

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Our mistake, your gain: win one of fifteen free copies of Weightbot

I need a brain transplant. When Paul Haddad of Tapbots offered us fifteen license codes for a giveaway, I blithely assumed that they were for Pastebot, their cool cut, copy, and paste app for iPhone. I set up the giveaway yesterday and have been thrilled with the number of entries (you can still ...

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Fifteen lucky TUAW readers will start 2010 with a free copy of Pastebot

It's no secret that TUAW bloggers love Pastebot, the new and tasty iPhone / iPod app from Tapbots. Dave Caolo even referred to Pastebot as "his mistress," and I find that I'm using it constantly to move text and images between my Macs and iPhone. Well, Tapbots wants you to join in on the goodness...

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Promo codes for nothing, apps for free

The floodgate of new iPhone apps is open and enlarging all the time. Hundreds of new entries hit the App Store every week. This is a wonderful thing, but it does cause a good deal of consternation. If you are an iPhone owner, how can you keep up with what's out there? After all, according to Macw...

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PromoAppCode hopes to be one-stop shop for iPhone promo codes

It's no secret that the current methods of trying out iPhone applications before purchase is very cumbersome. While Apple has bestowed the ability for developers to issue promo codes, there is still the matter of taking the time to actually track down those codes for applications that you want to tr...

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Apple gives developers the ability to use promo codes

Apple has now given developers the ability to use promo codes to give away copies of their applications on the App Store. Previously, developers had to build a special version of their application (i.e. Ad-hoc copy) that included a mobile provisioning file and the actual application. These two files...

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