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Blast from the past: Jony Ive stars in 1997 Apple video sans white backdrop

OS X Daily uncovered an old clip of Jony Ive crooning about the 20th Anniversary Mac. The 20th Anniversary Mac was a limited edition Mac released in 1997 to celebrate Apple's 20th birthday. The short promo should look very familiar as it has the same talking-head style seen in current product v...

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Hotspot Shield marks mobile anniversary, offers two-day giveaway

Dropbox isn't the only service celebrating a 100-million milestone this week; the desktop and mobile VPN service Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree is growing fast, and reports that it's passed the 100 million downloads mark for the PC and Mac product. The mobile version (reviewed here), launched one y...

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Apple recruitment video takes us inside Infinite Loop

A new video was recently released by Apple for recruiting purposes, but perhaps most interesting for us, it is a quick glimpse inside the company's culture. Yes, it's an official video, so things don't get down and dirty at all, but there are definitely some good looks inside the offices, as we...

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Apple adds free App of the Week to iTunes, Editor's Choice to Mac and iOS App Store

As noticed by The Verge, Apple has started to promote apps in the iOS and Mac App Store using an "Editors' Choice" branding. The first apps to receive this distinction are Deus X Human Revolution and Cobook in the Mac App Store as well as Facebook Camera and Extreme Skater in the iOS App Store....

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Get Where's my Water free from Apple's Facebook page

Apple is apparently giving yet another popular game away using its Facebook page -- this time, it's Disney's Where's my Water up for grabs. To grab your free copy of the great water-guiding physics puzzler, just head over to Apple's App Store Facebook page, become a fan, and you'll get a free p...

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Pangea iOS games are free for today only

Pangea Software is celebrating three years of development and US$7 million in sales by making all its iOS applications free for today July 11th. The free-for-all starts at 8 am CST and ends at 8 pm CST. When the free promotion ends, Pangea will lower the price on its iOS apps to 99-cents for a ...

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Apple's back-to-school promo reportedly beating Microsoft 8 to 2

According to a report from Global Equities Research, more incoming college students are picking up an Apple computer than a Windows computer this year. Apple is not just edging out Microsoft either; Macs are beating out Windows machines at an impressive rate of 8 to 2. About 80% of incoming s...

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Best Buy to match Apple's $100 Back to School promo

If you were waiting for Apple's annual Back to School promotion to pick up a free iPod to go along with your new Mac, you're probably not very happy with this year's deal -- Apple isn't giving away iPods. Instead, you get a $100 gift card that you can spend in the Mac App Store, iTunes Store, A...

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Apple's restrictions on iPad and iPhone giveaways

Philip Elmer-DeWitt has an interesting article over at his Fortune Apple 2.0 blog that discusses Apple's restrictions on iPad and iPhone giveaways. It's not well-publicized or even strictly enforced by Apple, but the Cupertino company has a two-page policy governing the giveaway or promotion of...

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Apple education deal rumored for WWDC

BGR broke out a rumor today suggesting Apple may unveil a new Back-To-School promotion at WWDC. As part of this sale, everyone who buys a new Mac with their educational discount would receive a free iPod touch or $200 off the cost of an iPad. For the past several years, Apple has kicked off a ba...

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TUAW's Daily iOS App: Super 8

We've seen a bevy of vintage photography apps. Hipstamatic might be the most popular, though Instagram has a solid group of users as well. But, Super 8 brings a new idea to the party: vintage videos [Of course this isn't really "new" as apps like 8mm and Silent Film Director perform a similar f...

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Tapjoy alters marketing strategy to comply with App Store changes

Down but not out, Tapjoy confirmed to AllThingsD that it is modifying its incentivized purchases to work within Apple's new ranking system and to ensure its apps will make their way into the App Store. Last week, Apple made changes in its app store ranking system that downplayed the ranking of ...

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Apple banning pay-per-install apps from the App Store says Tapjoy

Apple is not only tweaking its App Store rankings to downrank pay-per-install applications, it may be actively banning these applications from the App Store. According to Tapjoy, several developers within their network are receiving rejection notices from Apple because their applications feature ...

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Glasshouse shares results of App Store experiment

Having an application in the App Store can be adventure. The application creation process and App Store submission process are filled with long nights, lots of coffee and many highs and lows. When the app finally gets approved by Apple, the next stage of sales tracking gives you a whole new rea...

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Twitter for iPhone updated, QuickBar is dead

The Twitter for iPhone app has been updated (again), and this time the company has included the change everyone's been waiting for: the QuickBar, which featured trending terms along with some paid placement phrases, has been removed from the app. Twitter deftly sidesteps the actual reason why t...

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